Avoiding bike thefts

Keeping your bike

There has been a rise in bike thefts in Oxford. From the start of April 2009 until the end of March 2010, 2,137 bikes were stolen – a rise of 352 on the previous 12 months. The police are blaming the rise in thefts on cyclists who don’t lock their bikes properly, and on the county council for failing to provide sufficient secure bike parking in the city centre and suburban shopping areas.   more

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» J Wille said: { Sep 26, 2010 - 04:09:42 }

I have had 2 bikes stolen in Oxford over the last 4 years. The last time I found the bike a few hours later in the garden a few houses down the road where it had been stolen ,locked up with other bikes, As it happened over night I called the police. The theft had no excuse, he could not claim he would have bought it as it was just 5 hours after it had been stolen.
The police took the bike together with the other two, it took two month until I had my bike back from the police station. I had to give 2 reports. lost a brand new lock.

The theft had never been charged , since I did not dare to buy a nice bike again.

last week I finally bought new one but I am almost scared to go anywhere as I know the risk that it will get stolen again is very high. even with an expensive lock.

Its frustrating

I understand it is difficult to catch them but

» Priya said: { Dec 22, 2015 - 09:12:56 }

Working so Close to U of W and also riding a Cindercone (a 94 mind you!) I soemitems worry about the migration of bike thieves from the U of W campus to the Tech park for richer pickings. I used to just Cable lock it at our old location on Phillip and Albert, but in the tech park, it is good U-bolt AND Cable lock on the front wheel) all the way. Nothing is foolproof, but as long as there are nicer bikes with cheaper locks close to mine I’ll worry a little less.BTW, U of W has always been Bike theft central. I had my Custom build Montagna stolen off campus in 91. The only real solution, unfortunately , is to ride a cluncker (try recycle cycles, awesome place) or cover your frame in black electrical tape(lol jk). And yes, your bike is in another city being sold most likely