ON YER BIKE: Wedded to idea of a DIY Living Street

By James Styring in the Oxford Mail

“DO you take Beech Croft Road to be your loyal, wedded street?” asked a man wearing a dramatically tall top hat.

“I do,” replied a woman in witch attire.

“Do you promise to adopt and to love, to fund and maintain this street until votes do you part?”

“I do.”

And so Councillor Jean Fooks accepted the union of the county council with Beech Croft Road’s DIY Living Streets project.

The road was closed for this inaugural ceremony. Amid a carnival-cum-Halloween atmosphere we watched the Head Witch wrap Mrs Fooks’ shoulders in a shroud impregnated with reflective glass beads. Ted Dewan, aka Head Witch, has been playing with the boundaries of public spaces for nigh on 10 years as part of his Roadwitch project.

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