Two Letters – Gritting & 20mph

1. Oxford Times Enforce 20mph limit
Thurs 23rd December 2010

Sir – We’re not sure whether Hugh Jaeger (Letters, November 25) wants buses, motorbikes, cars, lorries or trains to be allowed to do more than 20mph on Oxford’s side streets, shopping streets, or in the city centre — it’s hard to keep up with who he is representing. We have have been publicly very supportive of 20mph, because it makes the city a more pleasant place to walk and cycle, and is helping get people out of their cars. Many residents’ groups were equally vocal in support of 20mph in their own areas. A clear majority of the consultees supported the policy, including a large proportion of the city’s elected representatives. It will probably have a small positive effect on safety, and help meet the county’s targets for the Oxford area.

We think the occasional, very public enforcement of 20mph would be a good idea, much in the same way we support the annual clampdown on cycling without lights — the police could even do it at the same time. We don’t think a huge amount of resources would or should be required.

Where there are clearly large numbers of motorists exceeding the limit, we support small engineering changes, such as narrowing the traffic lanes, and tightening corners to discourage speed.

We equally want to see speed reduction on the remaining 30mph roads as well — it’s just that the 20mph sections are the greater priority. Botley Road under the railway bridge, and Magdalen Bridge could both do with lane narrowing, for instance.

Richard Mann, Cyclox

2. Oxford Times True grit for tracks
Thurs 23rd Dec 2010
Sir – With the promise of more icy weather to come, Cyclox is calling on the county council to grit cycle tracks and pavements, prioritising those used by schoolchildren or where there is no road alternative.

At the Green Fair in Oxford we collected over 100 signatures on a petition for this, and would encourage all local cyclists to support it. There will be petition forms at most bike shops, and you can sign online at, or call Oxfordshire Highways on 0845 310 11 11, or email them at

Andy Chivers, Cyclox member, Oxford

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