Public-spirited cyclists

Letter, Oxford Times Thursday 3rd February 2011

Sir – Your correspondent Hugh Jaeger (Letters, January 27) writes: “Richard Mann, of Cyclox . . . wants 20mph both enforced and extended to Oxford’s remaining 30mph roads. How many libraries or youth centres might have to close to fund such gestures?” I’m not an economist, but I fail to see why such a sensible step should lead to the closure of any libraries or youth centres.

He goes on to write: “Several times I have seen police ignore illegal cyclists. Occasional enforcements are useless stunts. Oxford needs daily enforcement against cycling’s dangerous, lawless majority.”

Now that, I suspect would cost rather a lot. Especially flushing out this dangerous, lawless majority from where they skulk, seemingly emerging only to annoy Mr Jaeger. Most cyclists, it seems to me, are sensible, environmentally-aware, public-spirited people who put up with a lot of hassle from thoughtless drivers and a lot of hot air from rather silly people.

Priscilla Waugh, Oxford

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