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ON YER BIKE: Cyclists in our world-class city deserve better

Posted on May 31st, 2011 by by CycloxAdmin

Tuesday 31st May 2011
James Styring
I was at a table outside a bar in Manhattan in 1997. The street was rammed with wheezing and spluttering V8 beasts. An SUV nearly took the back off my head as it parked. The engine roared, belched a bomb of black soot and died. Its occupants piled out and sat […]

ON YER BIKE: Goodbye to a friend who was a true inspiration

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Tuesday 17th May 2011
By James Styring »
EVERY now and again, you come across someone truly inspiring. Someone who makes perfect sense and who in turn helps you to make sense of what you’re striving to achieve.
For me, one such person was Paul Cullen, who died tragically on May 2. He was doing what he loved […]

ON YER BIKE: Hitting the road in harmony with two-wheeled pals

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Wednesday 4th May 2011  Oxford Mail
By Honour Tomkinson
People definitely talk about their cars as persons and describing your motor as a ‘he’ or ‘she’ is not frowned upon, as far as I know. Boats too, even more so, but bicycles? Increasingly I have heard people describing their bikes while borrowing from the biological gender binary […]

On Yer Bike: Tweed Run turns back time

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Tuesday 10th May 2011 Oxford Mail
By James Styring
WE WERE walking near Spitalfields Market in East London when our path was blocked by a cavalcade of hundreds of tweed-clad cyclists. They weren’t just wearing tweed jackets, but the full 1920s monty: deerstalker hats, trousers tucked into long socks with shiny brogues.
Some […]