Cycle parking

Cyclox identified improving cycle parking in Oxford as a priority for 2017. Here is our position paper.

Cycle Parking Report
Back in 2009 we produced a cycle parking report, which compared 2004 and 2009 figures:

  • The number of Sheffield stands increased from 434 to 548 giving an extra 228 parking spaces.
  • The number of abandoned bikes increased from 92 to 163.
  • The number of broken racks reduced from 23 to 0.
  • In 2009 a total of 995 bikes were parked against railings or loose within the area surveyed.

The county council looked at providing some more cycle stands in the city centre in 2010, producing design drawings (part 1 and part 2).

We will build on this work to inform our campaigning for 2016/17.

Cycle Hubs
Cyclox is also very keen that covered/guarded cycle parking be introduced in Oxford.  These are quite common in large continental cities, both at railway stations and sometimes because it is the only way to provide for sufficient and secure city-centre parking.  Cambridge has an excellent cycle hub under the new John Lewis store (more info), and an older one on the ground floor of a car park, and we are seeking something similar as part of the Westgate development.  We are also interested in sites near Carfax, and are talking to Oxford City Council about some of the possibilities. Cycle hubs at stations are being developed in London, under an initiative from the Government, and we have suggested one should be developed for Oxford as part of forecourt developments.