Cycling is pretty safe in Oxford. Traffic is notably slower than most cities, and there are no gyratories to contend with. If you keep clear of lorries and take care near buses, you shouldn’t have any problems.

But sometimes you encounter a lorry stuck in traffic and you want to get past. Or you’re wating at lights, and a lorry pulls up behind you. The risk is that you get caught in the lorry-driver’s blind spots, and suddenly they start to move. Be aware of the risks, and be ready to take avoiding action if necessary.

Lorry-drivers have three main blind spots – in front, under the wing mirrors, and behind. In an ideal world, they’d have sensors and/or cameras so they could tell you were there. But short of that, we suggest lorry-drivers abide by the following:

  • Observe a 20mph speed limit in towns. Give everyone more reaction time.
  • At traffic lights, stop 10m back from the stop line (5m back if there’s an advanced stop line for bikes)
  • Don’t reverse without a banksman
  • Take extra care turning left across a cycle lane. Signal in good time. If a worksite requires this to happen frequently, especially on downhill gradients where there is standing traffic, supervision should be provided.