The need

We need a proper cycle training scheme in Oxfordshire which:

  • Delivers high quality national standards training
  • Covers Bikeability Levels 1, 2 and 3 and Bikeability Plus modules
  • Accesses external funding available, and leverages opportunities for local funding


Extending and developing Bikeability in Oxfordshire does not have to come at the expense of OCCs volunteer led scheme.  In fact, a healthy Bikeability scheme could support the volunteer model with opportunities for CPD, enhanced provision in schools (delivering Levels 1 and 3), and better outcomes for children.  There are currently at least 10 Bikeability instructors working in Oxfordshire: 3 for the council, 2 for The Broken Spoke Bike Coop, 2 for the Windrush Bike Project and 3 independent. Other Bikeability schemes working in neighbouring counties could also operate in Oxfordshire if necessary.


The next large scale funding cycle for Bikeability will be for work starting in April 2020.  It is imperative that Oxfordshire County Council starts planning now how they are going to organise a bigger and better Bikeability scheme in Oxfordshire.

Take action

If your school does not run cycle training please ask them to contact the road safety team at OCC.  You could also write to your County Councillor to request they raise the issue at County Level. If you have any questions about Bikeability please email us.

Bikeability in Oxfordshire Case Study.