What we say

Cyclox develops position statements on issues affecting cyclists in Oxford:

  • Bike polite:  We think cyclists should be polite to others
  • Cycle lanes: We believe these can be helpful, but must be continuous and on busy roads should be segregated
  • Cycle parking: We want extra stands, dead bikes removed, and a secure “hub”
  • Dual network:  We believe that a network of both main routes and quieter routes should be developed
  • Inclusivity:  We campaign for an inclusive cycle network, which is suitable for every type of cyclist
  • Lorries:  We think cycling is comparatively safe in Oxford, but that isn’t good enough and more must be done to improve lorry safety
  • Oxford Cycle City:  We welcome the city council’s plan to dedicate £75,000 a year to cycling infrastructure, and believe the priority should be continuous cycle lanes on all main roads
  • Oxford cycling: We made notes during a cycle with Councillors Ian Hudspeth and Craig Simmons
  • Transform Oxford: We support improving the city centre for pedestrians, and access for bicycles must be included
  • West Oxford:  We support the plan made with Low Carbon West Oxford to improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists