West Oxford

In association with Low Carbon West Oxford, we have developed a plan for improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists in West Oxford.


Click on the blobs to link to the list of improvements that we’ve identified.

West Oxford is divided by the Botley Road, one of the main roads into central Oxford, carrying about 14,000 motor-vehicles per day, nose-to-tail in morning and evening peaks (and heavily congested throughout the day). How can we encourage residents not to add to the traffic – how can we get more of us to walk, cycle or take the bus? How do we reduce the impact the traffic has on our community?

We have focused on “Quick Wins” – relatively low-cost and hopefully uncontentious solutions that tackle the main problems. We would like to see progress made on a lot of these. We’ve only included things where we can think of a practical solution.

Walking on Botley Road

It should be easy to walk along Botley Road. All side roads should be easy to cross. They should be no more than about 6m wide at the junction mouth. The corner of the pavement should have a tight radius (about 2m), so when you are about to cross the road, you can easily see approaching traffic, and be reasonably sure it will be going slowly. Where this can’t be achieved, there should be a traffic island, to reduce the crossing distance, or (at traffic light junctions) pedestrian lights.

It should also be easy to cross Botley Road. There are probably enough pedestrian crossings already. But there are two improvements – making them change straightaway when traffic is crawling, and consider making the road narrower at crossings.

Cycling on Botley Road

It should be easy to cycle quickly along Botley Road. There are already cycle tracks or lanes along the whole of Botley Road (until you get to the railway bridge). But there are places where cyclists come into conflict with pedestrians and at bus stops. The route for cyclists should avoid these conflicts as much as possible – for everyone’s benefit.

Side Streets

All side streets should be 20mph. This speed should be the norm on all streets where people live. Most streets in West Oxford are short or obstructed by parking, so speeds are already low. The few streets that have a speeding problem should have simple things done to stop drivers picking up speed.

Quiet Routes

There should be quiet, easy-to-use cycle routes to the main shops and schools. These mostly exist already, but a few gaps need to be improved.