Advanced Stop Lines

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What the police say

Thames Valley Police have a page in their ‘frequently asked questions’ on “What are the rules in relation to advanced stop lines for cyclists at traffic lights?”.  The Metropolitan Police have a useful page on Advanced Stop Lines, including definitions, rules for both motorists and cyclists, helpful ‘myth busters’, and a handy leaflet.

Cars stopping beyond the Advanced Stop Line (ASL)

We have all experienced cars encroaching on the advanced stop box reserved for cyclists at traffic lights. At present, ordinary drivers are rarely prosecuted for this,

Taxis stopping beyond the Advanced Stop Line (ASL)

Unlike private cars, taxi drivers can be cautioned by their licencing authority.  Committee member Graham Smith took a photo of a taxi over the ASL and sent it to the council. He was pleased to learn that the city council (who licence the taxis) did speak to the driver and warn him to obey the law more closely.  Oxford City Council takes all complaints made about the level of service provided by taxi drivers seriously:
1. Make a note of either the driver’s badge number or make a note of the vehicle licence plate number, or vehicle registration number
2 Getting a witness is an important, key ?point. There is often someone nearby, a pedestrian or another person on a bike.  Name and contact details, i.e. an address.
3. Note the time and date
4. Note the location of the incident
5. Remember as much detail as you can about the vehicle type, colour and any distinguishing features.  Try to use a camera/phone too, to record the vehicle details if not the offence.
6. Contact the Licensing Team at Oxford City Council, St Aldate’s Chambers, 109 St Aldate’s, Oxford, OX1 1DS. Tel: 01865 252115; Fax: 01865 252115; Email: