Cargo bikes

pedal and postBikes are a great way to carry things.  It’s great to see more and more people and goods being transported by bike in Oxford.Here are some of the businesses and organisations who use cargo bikes in Oxford – please support them!

G&Ds Ice cream
:  Paskley Deli bikes used for deliveries
Mercury Cycle Messengers, Witney
Moretons Sandwich Bar:  Pashley Prono + 1 trailer (or more trailers Austrailian road train style) for deliveries.
Oxford Mobile Cycle Repairs:  James Dawton uses use an 8freight to get his kit about, most work for the University.
Oxford University:  Messenger service – Pashley prontos +/- trailor for internal mail; Maintenance – staff (carpenters/plumbers etc) use Pashley Prontos; Numerous department/staff pool bikes in numerous locations, a mix of new purchases and recondition old bikes.
Pedal and Post:  Parcel/post deliveries on Oxford using 8freight cargo bike (just about to get a 2nd cargo bike), planning to get the final mile delivery for the mainstream companies.
Taylors Sandwich Bar:  Christiana trike for deliveries, plus a monumentally large Pashley Classic 33 ‘stop me and buy one’ with large wicker baskets on the back, which both live in secure yard round the back
White Bear e bikes:  London-based company with depot near/off Cowley Rd, e bikes used for food deliveries
There’s also a butcher in the covered market who uses a Pashley Loadstar trike for heavy deliveries, and a few other Pashley Delibikes also used for deliveries.

And for carrying the most valuable cargo of all, these have been seen around Oxford doing the school run:

Dawes Discovery tandems (ex Warlands), quite a few
Landscape tandems (ex Warlands), a few
Thorn child back triplets, a least 3
Bakfeits cargo bikes, with a big wood box on the front used for small children
Long low triplet, with  adult at the back – at least one does Iffley Rd to North Oxford school run daily

Please click for more information on popular cargo bikes such as Pashley and 8Freight.
(With thanks to James Dawton for collating this list, October 2015)