Cycle training

Most people cycle in Oxford without training. Traffic is fairly slow, and the risk of an accident is low (as long as you are suitably wary of lorries and buses). There are also a lot of quiet routes available that avoid the traffic – see the map.

However, if you want to improve your skills, Bikeability is a nationally-accredited training scheme – CTC lists details of local instructors.  Training if offered at a number of levels:
Level 1a is learning to ride a bike from the start, getting on, pedalling, balancing, steering and stopping.
Level 1b assumes you can ride a bike and checks and develops bike control skills off the road.
Level 2 is about learning to ride on quiet roads, overtake cars and cycles, and doing basic junction manoeuvres, turning left and right.
Level 3 is about complex junctions on busier roads, suitable for teenagers and adults.
Local instructors can also offer training tailored to individual needs, such as training for specific journeys, e.g. for riding on Cowley Road; and to family groups on how a parent and child should ride together.

Oxfordshire County Council has for decades run a volunteer-led cycle training for 10-11 year olds in primary schools, with a view to allowing children to cycle on their own to secondary school. It is very successful, with some of the highest levels of cycling to school in the country.