Safety on the roads

cycling is safeCycling is safe and good for you – the health benefits of cycling far outweigh any risks (the benefit-to-risk ratio is estimated at around 10:1, possibly a lot more – please see our Cycletopia document for more!).

In Oxford particularly, cycling is relatively safe thanks to quite high numbers of cyclists in the centre, though cycling infrastructure still needs to be greatly improved – Cyclox is pressing for this at every opportunity.

There is much discussion about rights and responsibilities of different road users, and Cyclox is planning a ‘rights and responsibilities’ campaign later in 2016.  People driving motor vehicles clearly have significant responsibilities, as outlined in the recent CTC blog ‘What drivers need to know‘.  And back in 2010, Cyclox made a great little video about bikes and busses on the Cowley Road.

However, there are still things people who cycle can do to maximise our safety on the roads:
* Cycling Safety Advice from NHS Choices summarises key tips and include useful further links
Pedal Cyclist Safety from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is a detailed collection of web pages
* Tips for safer cycling from The Bike Storage Company is a helpful summary, as part of their bike safety guide