d) Access to Headington

Access to Headington

Cyclox supports the aims of Access to Headington, but continues to highlight that much of the route should be a Cycling Super Route (as set out in council documents) – but the plans do not currently comply with their own criteria: bike lanes are not continuous and there is not enough segregation from traffic.


Full details are on the county council’s consultations webpage though the online questionnaire is now closed.  Cyclox have produced a summary version of our contribution to the consultation (2 page) as well as a full response to the council.

The consultation on side road entry treatments closed on 8th April 2016.  This is our response to the consultation, A2H Side Road Entry Treatments.

We have now submitted two responses to a second consultation which mainly centred on putting back parking provision.  Cyclox Response to Access to Headington Consultation May 16.

May 2017 – Graham Smith has provided a detailed critique of the junctions from Old Rd to Hollow Way.