c) Oxford station

Cyclox continues to campaign for a new station design which will enhance the experience of people on bikes, both in terms of accessing the station and the station platforms, and in terms of cycle parking.


There has been debate for many years about how to make Oxford station suitable for a city with world-class status, and improve the adjoining Frideswide Square.

In August 2014, an exhibition was hosted in the Westgate Centre outlining a ‘station masterplan‘ and video ‘fly through‘.  In November 2014, Cyclox and Oxford Pedestrians Association (OxPA) held a joint meeting which was addressed by Fiona Piercy, Project Officer for Oxford City and County Councils to discuss the ‘Station Masterplan‘.

Cyclox has been engaging with the councils and other stakeholders, and continues to push for cycling to be integral to the new developments, including access routes and a suitably-sized hub for cycle parking.

In August 2017, Cyclox submitted this response to the latest station consultation, as well as a ‘‘supplementary planning document’.