Consultation, wording

On 12th September 2014, the county council’s latest consultation closed – they asked for comments on landscape, traffic orders and specifically cycling sharing space with pedestrians.

The consultation wording on cycling read:  “3. Cycling on some areas of the square:  It has frequently been suggested that cycling should be allowed on the central areas of the two largest public spaces in the square. This is to help less confident cyclists to negotiate their way through the square away from traffic – even though overall the square will be significantly better to cycle in than at the present time.  Also some people will want to take more direct and convenient routes through the square – avoiding being held up by going through all the junctions and crossing points.  We believe that the areas highlighted on the plan are sufficiently large to allow cyclists and pedestrians to share them comfortably and safely.  The areas will have carefully designed paving slabs repeated through them showing cycle and pedestrian symbols.  These will ensure all users to realise that cyclists are allowed to be pedalling through”.