Off road cycle routes – consultation on changes to barriers

On 31st March 2014, Craig Rossington (Senior Transport Planner, Oxfordshire County Council) wrote to cycling, walking and access groups noting that:
“The county council is proposing to make some improvements to cycle routes across the city.  These minor changes will be funded by the city council.  They will mostly involve removing or amending the siting of barriers on certain off road cycle routes.  This is because they currently present unnecessary restrictions to cyclists, including those towing a trailer or riding a tandem.  In some cases the existing barrier arrangements make life difficult for users of mobility scooters and even people with children’s pushchairs.  Even though the main objective is to make things easier for cyclists and the other users mentioned, we still believe the remaining barriers will help to slow cyclists down and minimise the risk of collision with pedestrians.  You will see that I have also written to the relevant local councillors for the various proposals attached to this email.  Please could you let me have any comments on these proposals by 25 April. If you have any questions please get in touch”.

The email included the following drawings / photos of proposed locations:
* Meadow Lane
* Queens Lane
* Parks route west
* Parks route east
* Headington / Green Rd Roundabout subways
* Barracks Lane south
* Barracks Lane – Bartlemas Close end
* Folly Bridge
* Little Clarendon St
* Dragon Lane

In late April, James Dawton, Cyclox Committee member, sent  a detailed response to the consultation.  We look forward to seeing progress on this, to make Oxford’s cycling network more inclusive.