Kennington roundabout

As the redesigning of the Kennington roundabout is part of improving Access to Oxford, it follows that improvements for cyclists should be one of the aims. Improvements to benefit cyclists include:

  1. General improved visibility/safety (I have yet to meet a female willing to use that route after dark). This should include, removing lower branches/vegetation, removing the tree in the approach from Heyford Hill, new subway entrances/exits to have rounded edges for better security (existing ones are sharp 90deg corners), better lighting (off the back of road lighting if nothing else). If possible, the (lower branch denuded) vegetation in the centre of the roundabout be left, as its quite pleasant down there, you hardly know you are in the middle of a roundabout! Removing lower branches should also apply to vegetation heading north towards Rivermead.
  2. New tracks/entrances/exits to have good sight lines/curves.
  3. New/reworked tracks to be similar to existing (ie, same width, rather than the usual minimum width stuff usually offered these days). This has the advantage of being wide enough for machine rolled tarmac, rather than the powered hand roller tarmac that blights (too undulating) our cycle tracks and roads these days.
  4. The Kennington bound subway to be resurfaced. The tarmac would most probably would pass an Oxfordshire County Council inspection, but it looks (and feels) as though a grizzly bear was looking for buried honey down there,
  5. Full cycle route sign posting from the end of Kennington village to all cycle/pedestrian exits from the 3 subways. (Most locations already have posts of some form in situ to mount signs on). This would tie in with the good signing at the Rivermead junction. If not already done, cycle route signage at Heyford Hill should be included also.
  6. A full revision of the ludicrous bollards situation. I think they are there due to previous traveller visitations(?). The park and ride/Kennington routes have no bollards at all. The Rivermead route  and the Heyford Hill subway entrance each have a line of buried in the ground railway track girders (literally), the Heyford Hill route has no less than 3 sets of bollards – railway girders, concrete bollards and wooden posts. The worse thing of all is that each of these 3 sets have different spacing, so you can’t simply line up with 1 set and continue forth. I think Oxfordshire County Council are lucky that no one has brained themselves on these steel bollards.
  7. Improvement to the rain drainage at the entance to the Heyford Hill subway – rain pools on the south side. In itself not a problem but it results in accumilated slimey mud. One day some one will cycle into the subway and be sent flying.
  8. The existing track to meet the top of Kennington slip road further round the corner/down the hill, and/or:-
  9. An off road cycle track down to the bottom of the slip road. If this is provided on the eastern (downhill) side, measures will need to be taken to prevent vehicle parking. That section of verge is regulaly parked on (mostly by drivers picking up phone calls missed while diving on the ring road). Some coaches also wait there.
  10. At the top of the Kennington slip road, a lowered kerb a little further down the hill to line up with the one on the opposite side of the slip road (for the path/track that goes to Hinksey roundabout).

James Dawton,
140 Poplar Grove,
Oxford. OX1 5QP