b) Westgate & Queen Street

Cyclox is actively campaigning to ensure the voice of cycling is heard now that the Westgate development is open but people on bikes continue to be banned at peak times on Queen Street.


October 2017. Westgate opens without the 1000 promised cycle parking spaces

For the Westgate development, Cyclox has consistently campaigned for better cycle provision, and has made numerous submissions throughout the planning process.  At the time of opening, only 3% of the promised 1000 net extra cycle parking spaces were installed at New Westgate.  There were no cycle parking spaces in convenient locations – none at all.  The developer ran rings around the planning authorities and has breached their planning conditions. It is the City Council’s obligation now to enforce provision of 972 extra cycle parking spaces. Read more…

June 2017. Cyclox’ headline response to the consultation on experimental Queen Street closure and associated changes to city centre junctions


The County Council launched a consultation on permanent changes in city centre junctions and bus stops that are part of a longer term plan for improvements in the city centre, closing date 23rd June 2017. The original proposal for closure depended on a bus turning area at the junction between Worcester Street and Park End Street, which could not go ahead because Nuffield College would not sell the required land.  The proposal has changed so that the bus turning arrangements will be dispersed to the Plain, Butterwyke Place, the railway station, Frideswide Square (anticlockwise Hythe Bridge Street to Park End Street). The proposed permanent junction and other changes reflect this change. Here is our draft response to the consultation.

In January 2017, the Cyclox demand for cycling to be allowed on Queen Street was featured in the Oxford Mail.  Simon Hunt wrote an open letter to the county council “noting that originally, before the consultation last year, Officers proposed a very welcome six-month trial of 24/7 cycling throughout Queen Street, Cyclox would now be grateful for clarification of the current situation.  We seek involvement in the design and drafting of the revised proposal for experimental closure that Cabinet has instructed, trusting that Officers’ original position will not have altered”.

In December 2016, the county council decided that buses should be removed from Queen Street when the new Westgate Centre opens, in October 2017 – with the situation for cycling still not clear.

For Queen Street, please read our headline response to the October 2016 consultation about allowing 24 hour cycling on Queen Street.

In May 2016, the county council issued a consultation on proposed pedestrianisation of Queen Street, which closed on 6th June.  The proposals include “no changes are proposed to access for cyclists and delivery vehicles, which would continue to be permitted between 6pm and 10am”, which means that under the present proposals cycling would still be banned between 10.00 – 18.00.  Cyclox issued a response to the consultation, and called on supporters to respond in kind.

The Cyclox lead for this is Simon Hunt – please email him at contact@cyclox.org if you can help with this important priority.