Queen Street

Councillors Rodney Rose & Arash Fatemian Jan2010

At the end of 2009, Cyclox wrote to the County Council, asking for cyclists to be allowed to use Queen Street during the day. The County replied, saying that they wanted the new arrangements to be in place for another six months, to let pedestrians take over the street as much as possible.

At the end of January 2010, Cyclox invited Councillors Rodney Rose, the County’s Cabinet Member for Transport Implementation, and Arash Fatemian, the County’s designated Cycle Champion, to have a look at Queen Street (and lunch).
Starting in Bonn Square, they saw how much Queen Street has been improved by removing the bus stops. They saw a few people cycling illegally along Queen Street, with no noticeable impact on pedestrians. The rickshaw then negotiated the obstacle course of St Ebbes Street, Pembroke Street and St Aldates to Carfax, to see the other end of Queen Street. Again, there were some people cycling illegally on Queen Street, but with no apparent problems. Interestingly, there were no people cycling on Cornmarket.  Then the rickshaw headed down the hill to Brewer Street, and back up the hill, very slowly, to Bonn Square. Many thanks to the rickshaw rider (and we promise we won’t make him do it again).

The County Council have been asking the usual suspects (“stakeholders”) what they think of St Ebbes Street. We responded saying it works OK except for the pinch points by the stall and the bollards, but that paving down to Pembroke Street and discouraging some of the car access would be a good idea. A summary of the various responses has been published, saying there’s lots of disagreement, but not giving any idea how that might be resolved: we’ve suggested they really ought to get people together to thrash something out.