Replies to points raised at Reserved Matters Planning Meeting for Westgate

On 25th November 2014, Cecilia Fry attended the Reserved Matters Planning Meeting for Westgate and spoke on behalf of Cyclox. (Speech attached here).
The replies she received can be summarised as follows:
  1. The amount of cycle parking is still under discussion and will go back to the West Area Planning Committee at a later date. Proposed parking sites can be seen here on p195
  2. Segregation of bicycles from buses via  cycle lanes was discussed for the looping route around the site (Speedwell Street/Abbey Place/Norfolk Street/Castle Street) . There will not be segregation.  However  the route is only open to buses, emergency vehicles and service vehicles – see map p238 and Cyclox was told that the speeds will be very slow due to the number of pedestrian crossings. The latest addendum to the plans –published December 8th –  on this issue shows that cycling will now be permitted on the ‘riverside walk ’to the east of  Castle Stream by the new residential block in front of John Lewis (B1). This is very welcome development as it will provide an almost traffic free link between Thames Street and Paradise Square/Street. p65
  3. Cycle routes from the South: an improved cycle route form the Thames towpath is among the list of projects that the County Council will examine for the CIL funds.  There are many other projects on this list and the funds are limited but Cyclox will continue to press for the cycle route improvements. 
  4.  Turn Again Lane: The cycling permission and the restriction from 10am – 6pm will be reviewed after six months of operation. Cyclox have asked to be kept informed about this review. We are concerned that there may be a desire to increase the restriction.