Westgate comments

WestgateIn November 2014, Cecilia Fry lodged a letter on behalf of Cyclox with the Westgate Planning Application under ‘Comments’, specifically highlighting 1) the cycle hub, 2) other cycle parking, 3) cycle restrictions and safety on Turn Again Land, 4) Thames Street crossings potentially being ‘toucan’, and 5) ways to improve the access routes to the new shopping centre.  On 25th November, Cecilia attended the Reserved Matters Planning Meeting for Westgate – she gave a speech on behalf of Cyclox, and received replies to several points raised.  Oxford City Council subsequently granted permission for the detailed designs (‘Reserved Matters’) for Westgate Oxford Alliance’s planned redevelopment.

In June 2014 the Planning Consultants for the Westgate Alliance asked Cyclox to prepare a report about the improvements needed in the current cycle routes to the new development.  The plans contain no increase in parking at Westgate but the belief is that the number of shoppers will increase by 17%.  Hence they realise they need to increase the attractiveness of non car modes of transport to the area.  Cecilia Fry produced a report on Cycle routes to Westgate on behalf of Cyclox with assistance from other Cyclox committee members, Cyclox Forum, and cycle.travel map designed by Richard Fairhurst, an Oxfordshire cyclist.  The report has been well received and was circulated to senior members of Oxfordshire County Council as well as the Westgate Alliance staff.  In August 2014, the Reserved Matter application for the site was submitted.

In April 2014, the Westgate Alliance held a series of public consultation events and an exhibition focussing on detailed designs, the second stage of the process, with comments welcomed on the project’s consultation website.

On 11th March 2014, Cecilia Fry from the Cyclox committee attended the West Area Planning Meeting, along with the Civic Society.  Her report noted that only a few cycling measures were discussed, whilst her speech pressed for far better cycling infrastructure.  The outline plans were granted planning consent.

On 29th July 2013, our written submission highlighted the need for routes through and around the site, and cycle parking – including a cycle hub.