Cyclox is delighted to welcome Lucy Saunders from Healthy Streets as our keynote speaker at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Lucy is a Consultant in Public Health specialising in transport, public realm and planning. She developed the Healthy Streets Approach™ and the 10 Healthy Streets Indicators™ in 2011.  In 2015 she was awarded Transport Planner of the Year by the Transport Planning Society and her work won awards from the international UITP and UK Chartered Institute for Highways and Transportation.

The Healthy Streets Approach™ was developed by Lucy Saunders through her research into the health impacts of transport, public realm and urban planning. It turns out that the key elements necessary for public spaces to improve people’s health are the same as those needed to make urban places socially and economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable.

Lucy has distilled these down to the 10 Healthy Street Indicators™. Focussed on the human experience, these indicators show what really matters on all streets, everywhere, for everyone.

Healthy Street Indicators:
1. Everyone feels welcome
2. People to choose to walk and cycle
3. People feel relaxed
4. Easy to cross
5. Clean air
6. Not too noisy
7. Places to stop and rest
8. People feel safe
9. Things to see and do
10. Shade and shelter

Please see the Healthy Streets website for more information about Lucy and about the Healthy Streets initiative.