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Cyclox Circular February 2013

Forthcoming events (please note new venue):

7pm   Tuesday Feb 26th  

Plowmans Room, Town Hall  St Aldates

Leader of Oxfordshire County Council Ian Hudspeth talking on “Beyond Transform:  update and future of Transform Oxford”

This important meeting has been organised by Oxford Pedestrians’ Association andCyclox members are welcome as well. The topic clearly has a strong cycling dimension.

7.30pm Thursday March 21st

St Michaels in the Northgate (junction of Ship St and Cornmarket)

Lecturer in Public Health Dr Oliver Mytton “Active travel – good for your health, but how good?”

With so much interest in promoting cycling at a national level, but public attitudes focussed on ‘safety’ – what are the health effects?

7.30pm Thursday April 18th

St Michaels in the Northgate (junction of Ship St and Cornmarket)

Brookes University Research Fellow Dr Tim Jones one of the authors of “Understanding Walking and Cycling Report” http://www.lec.lancs.ac.uk/research/society_and_environment/walking_and_cycling.php

The UWAC report has been required reading for cycle campaigners, asking whether committed cyclists are the right people to advise on overcoming the obstacles to cycling. In a multi-centre study, non-cyclists were asked why they didn’t get on two wheels. Tim Jones has a wealth of knowledge to share on the subtle influences on our travel decisions.

Oxford Mail & Times articles on Red Lights

James has written to the Oxford Times to correct the impression that Cycloxendorses cyclists going through red lights. His letter is attached. As most members know, Cyclox has a long history of attempting to reduce RLJs. Perhaps the publicity will bring some helpful suggestions.

Our Annual Review on the Cyclox website

Our website has been given a spring clean and has more information than ever before.www.cyclox.org

Grit the cycle tracks in Marston, Oxford

The cycle tracks in Marston are vital in connecting the neighbourhood to the city centre and to North Oxford.

Over 1,500 cyclists, and many pedestrians, use the University Parks cycle trackevery weekday, to commute to and from the city centre, avoiding heavy road traffic on the much longer route via St Clements.

The busy Marston Ferry Road cycle track provides a fast and safe route to North Oxford. Over 73% of nearly 1,800 secondary school students at The Cherwell School travel to school by bike or on foot. Many of these students use the Marston Ferry Road track each day to travel to school independently and sustainably.

These routes can become unsafe to use for days at a time in winter because snow, ice and heavy frost on the tracks is not treated. As a result, transport becomes problematic, or dangerous, for users who have to travel across the city, despite the weather.

Councils in Cambridge and York grit cycle paths and have vehicles specifically for this purpose. Oxford has the second highest rate of cycle usage in the UK, yet the cycleways are not treated. Please sign the petition:


(This is not a Cyclox project though of course we support it.)

What might Frideswide look like?

Have you seen the Poynton (Cheshire) shared space scheme? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vzDDMzq7d0 It is a really interesting case study / example for Frideswide Square.  James Piggot has posted it to our Facebook Fan Page.https://www.facebook.com/Cycloxfanpage

Abingdon Spring Cycle Festival, 21st April 2013

The festival is organised by Abingdon Freewheeling Cycling Club. There will be rides organised by Pedal Power, Bikewise, Behind Bars, Didcot Phoenix, Zappis, and Freewheeling, so we have a fantastic range of rides to suit all tastes. A fun day for everyone: Activities and rides from Abingdon Market Place starting from 9am to 12noon. http://groupspaces.com/AbingdonFreewheeling/pages/spring-cycle-festival

Chris Boardman on cycle unfriendly lanes

Chris Boardman has produced a video on who benefits from cycle lanes on this short ride along a particularly pointless example (afraid it requires log-in by Vimeo members only, search on http://vimeo.com/)


Another worthwhile petition

Frame numbers are found on every bike and can be used by owners or police to identify stolen bikes. Forcing sellers to list frame numbers on online ads will make it harder for thieves to shift our stolen goods. eBay goes to considerable effort to protect the intellectual property of music and film companies. It removes auctions for designer items it suspects are illegal copies and requires motorists to enter a registration number when listing a car for sale. Now we are asking that eBay and its subsidiaries do the same for bikes. If eBay do this and we all take the responsibility to note our frame numbers and lock our bikes up properly we can start constricting the marketplace for stolen bicycles.

Please sign my petition to make it mandatory to list a bike’s frame number in one of their listings.  http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/ebay-uk-ebay-uk-help-stopbiketheft-make-frame-numbers-mandatory-on-listings




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