13 05 Cyclox Circular

Cyclox Circular May 2013

Cycling in Oxford – a 2020 vision

Public meeting: Thursday 16th May 7.30–9.30pm

St Michaels in the Northgate (Cornmarket St entrance)


Cycling in Oxford has bumbled along for decades. There have been piecemeal improvements to the infrastructure and Cyclox’s vision for a dual network is falling into place – slowly. Recently, the Cyclox-backed ‘20’s Plenty’ campaign succeeded in getting most streets made 20mph. Nationally, interest in cycling is booming and finally, funding is beginning to flow (e.g. tinyurl.com/theplain). Starting from an already high rate of cycling (20%), there is no reason why Oxford/shire can’t become the UK’s No.1 cycling city/county. The time to ask is now. The question is, what to ask for. That’s where you come in:

• Cycling in Oxford/shire in 2020: what is your vision?

• Who do we need to influence and how?


What to expect:

7:30–7.45 pm    Wine and refreshments

7:45–8.00pm     Brief input:

1 Why Cyclox should demand more, and why now (James Styring)

2 What could Oxford learn from Holland? (Richard Mann)

3 What would a county-wide separated-cyclway network look like? (Tom Landell-Mills)

8.00–9:30 pm    Structured discussion and conclusions


All welcome.

Understanding Cycling and Walking

Last month’s talk by Tim Jones, Research Fellow at Brookes is now on our website, giving lots of material to inspire us.


Copies of the Summary of Key Findings and Recommendations are available from the project website:

http://lec.lancs.ac.uk/research/society_and_environment/walking_and_cycling.php Tim is also able to mail hard copies of the report upon request. He also has a forthcoming book about the study that will be published in September 2013 by Policy Press: Promoting Walking and Cycling: New Perspectives on Sustainable Travel.


Broken Spoke Bike Co-op www.bsbcoop.org have their next film night on Friday May 10th. They hope to show Bicycle Dreams and have a talk by some professional cyclist or another (maybe Zappi himself?). m: +44 07551 711746

Headington Festival

2nd June Bury Knowle Park

Cyclox plans to have a stall there where interested people can look at different ways of transporting their children using bikes. If you have a child transport method please contact andy.chivers@gmail.com to discuss how we might get you to demonstrate it at the festival.

Everyone is on a bike

With so much interest in a cycling resurgence Oxford has its own potentially game-changing proposal in the form of a cycle-friendly redesign of the Plain roundabout.http://tinyurl.com/cxumox7 The county council has applied for a Cycle City Ambition Grant of nearly £1m. There have been detailed analyses by Cyclox forum members – the general feeling seems to be that the design is a typical Oxford half measure and a more radical plan is needed.

Jonny Ives’ blog The Leisure Review has an excellent article on the Get Britain Cycling report and the context into which the report has been published. You can find the article via www.theleisurereview.co.uk

The presentation PDFs from Cycle City, Birmingham are now available via the linkhttps://www.box.com/s/klctpeaxw4fnr1gt66bg

The Get Britain Cycling petition has now passed 17K sigs, with 1200+ people signing to support Cities safe for cycling in the past hour! Go Go Go!!http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/49196

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group published its report. It calls for a new priority for investing public funds, redesigning roads, extending lower speed limits, better training and better political leadership – more at http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2013/apr/24/invest-cycling-tenfold-report.

Cycle for a healthy NHS

Clive Peedell and friends will be running a marathon nationalhealthaction.org.uk/the-camarathon/ to mark the 65th anniversary of the NHS, running through the night from London to Witney on July 5/6th.  Clive’s very keen to get a gang of cyclists as outriders for the Oxford – Witney leg. Contact Cyclox member Penny Ormerodpjormerod@gmail.com




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