13 06 Cyclox Circular

Cyclox Circular June 13

Bike Week is around the corner

Starting on 15th June, there will be all sorts of rides going on. Check out the website and come along to some of the rides – the weather is bound to be perfect: http://www.oxfordbikeweek.co.uk/rides-events/.

Headington Festival – a great success

Thank you to all the people who came to talk to us at the Cyclox Stall. Jonny Ives and Ilana Levene were there with their Bakfiets which provided a lot of interest. Jonny’s blog https://apreciouscargo.wordpress.com/ offers some thoughts on why we might all be riding the wrong bike and a piece on the effects of gravity upon the humble cargobike. If you are particularly passionate about pedalling you may also be interested in an article titled ‘Getting Britain cycling: a golden age of active transport’, which you can find at www.theleisurereview.co.uk.

Improving the Plain roundabout for cyclists

Since Cyclox was asked to advise on the council proposals for St Clements, Richard Mann and others have been considering the options. His Dutch idea is attached. There has also been a lively debate on the forum which we will put on our website.

Jack Straw’s Lane transformed

The county council have made a radical change to Jack Straw’ Lane between Headington and Marston.


Cyclox committee member Simon Hunt offers further reading: the Headington and Marston e-Forum is buzzing with comments http://forums.e-democracy.org/groups/oxford-hm/messages/topic/2UosKb58gczdSxMF8DzOjc.  There’s a helpful post by Graham Smith there, with a link to the Oss “Surmountable Median Strip” : http://tinyurl.com/Oss-1234 . Oss is near Utrecht: pop ~50000.

Go Outdoors discount

A couple of members have reported that Go Outdoors is no longer offering a discount to Cyclox members. We will investigate but in the meantime please note that they may well only offer discounts with their in house card.

Feeling energetic? The most scenic 70 mile ride through the Cotswolds.

Farcycle are running a sportive in Oxfordshire on August 3.  This is a scenic ride through the Cotswolds and is combined with a music, arts and entertainment festival so, basically, you have a lovely ride and then relax in front of a big stage in Faringdon market place to relive your adventure.  More details are available athttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Farcycle-Follyfest-Sportive/276322462503398and the event has been accepted as part of Bike Week (albeit that it is slightly out of the time zone.

Celebrate the 65th Birthday of the NHS on Saturday July 6th

9.30am John Radcliffe Hospital, Headley Way, Oxford, OX3 9DU (runners & cyclists welcome to join in for a half-marathon for the final leg to Witney) 10am Nye Bevan Close, Oxford OX4 1GB 10.30am Carfax, Cornmarket/High Street, Oxford 1.30pm Witney, Oxfordshire (exact location tbc) Please email volunteer.nha@gmail.com

Broken Spoke Coop Film Night

As part of Bike Week BSB are showing the ultimate feel good bicycle animated film – beautifully drawn, unique and utterly unforgettable, with no spoken word throughout and the most surreal settings, if you haven’t seen it you are in for a treat.