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Cyclox Circular July 13

Oxford Cycletopia

After a well-attended and lively meeting in May, we are delighted to report that Sustrans has offered to lead on producing a manifesto for Oxford and the county. Sustrans are interested because Oxford has applied for the “cycling city deal”.Regional Director Simon Pratt is offering to host a series of meetings to come up with a cycling vision and strategy for the city along similar lines to those that produced the Active Travel Strategy.

For more on the Oxford city deal see: http://www.oxford.gov.uk/PageRender/decN/newsarticle.htm?newsarticle_itemid=51419

The Observer carried a very interesting article on Vienna’s approach to embracing and promoting bike use, much of which would seem to strike a chord with our recentCyclox debate regarding the promotion of Oxford as a premium cycle city. Vienna seem to have a similar ambition: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/16/vienna-embraces-culture-of-cycling?INTCMP=SRCH

Ben Hamilton-Baillie on a vision for St Giles

Tuesday July 23rd 7pm St Aldates Room Oxford Town Hall

Of all the public spaces in Oxford, St Giles must be the one most in need of a radical rethink. OxPA, Cyclox and Oxford Civic Society are jointly sponsoring the eminent urban designer Ben Hamilton-Baillie to talk on the possibilities for St Giles. This meeting has been set up by OxPA but Cyclox members are warmly invited.

Consultation, consultation, consultation

There are consultations going on at the moment on Westgate, London Road Headington, Oxpens and the station, as well as sort of consultation on St Aldates. Richard Mann has outlined our draft thinking on these issues – attached. Comments welcome.

Bike Hire in Headington

The OXON Bike cycle hire scheme is now available to the public at 7 locations throughout Headington. You will be able to hire a bike 24 hours a day. Walton St Cycles have the job of maintaining the novel bikes. Cyclox would be interested to hear from members who have used the scheme.

Netherlands and the Westgate – James Styring reports:

Two weeks ago I cycled to Holland. All the way from the Hook of Holland (ferry port) to Amsterdam we followed one of many well-signed, well-used 100% car-free cycle routes with 1.5m-wide lanes in each direction. The superlative cycling facilities in Holland surpassed expectations. In Amsterdam itself, the prominence given to cycle lanes was frankly embarrassing. Separated, dedicated routes were simply everywhere – in places where you’d not believe they would even bother. Two things stick in my mind, making Amsterdam quite extraordinary.

One was the proliferation of free guarded 24hr underground cycle parking stationsin the city centre. The absolute definition of civilisation.

The other was a massive 5m-wide cycle lane that ran through the ground floor of the recently restored Rijksmuseum. Imagine Oxford’s Natural History Museum, quadruple its volume and remove the mock-gothic doorway to allow a cycle-superhighway 50+m-long through the museum, allowing views into the galleries. Apparently the city’s cycling community’s insistence on this route added years and millions of euros to the €375m project. Even I could not see what was wrong with going around the building.

I am telling you this because of the new Westgate development could be Oxford’s chance for large underground bike park. John Lewis built one as part of the planning conditions for a similar development in Cambridge recently. Oxford deserves the same.

Bicycle Helmets and the Law

The medical profession has spoken on the issue of helmets:


65th Anniversary of the NHS                                                          

Saturday July 6th  9.30am Greet Clive Peedell after his 65 mile overnight run as he arrives at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Headley Way, Oxford, OX3 9DU. We are then invited to cycle with Clive through Oxford and onto Witney. 10am Photo-opp at Nye Bevan Close, Oxford OX4 1GB 10.30am Meet at Carfax, Cornmarket/High Street, Oxford – this is to demonstrate support for the NHS.  www.nationalhealthaction.org.uk

Spoilt for choice on July 7th

There is a choice of three great organised rides on Sunday:  http://www.bike-events.com/birminghamoxford

Cyclox Car Stickers

Cyclox Member Miles Chetwynd-Stapylton suggested that we should offer members a car bumper sticker and that has sparked a great range of ideas for the wording from nothing but the Cyclox logo (Miles’ original suggestion) to: My other vehicle is a bike! Cycling is more fun. Look, bike! It’s better by bike. Give room to cyclists. Cyclist on board. It’s gooooder on a bicycle. My other car is a bicycle. I give space to cyclists. I find space for cyclists. I give cyclists room. I look out for cyclists. I’d rather be cycling…. I’m a cyclist too! Members’ suggestions welcome – and we also want to consider a design for an advert on the back of city buses – again suggestions welcome. There may even be prizes!





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