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Cyclox Circular May 2014

May Open meeting New Members’ evening! (old members and non-members also welcome….)  

Tuesday May 20th 7.30pm

St Michael’s in the Northgate, Cornmarket, Oxford OX1 3EY

New to Cyclox or cycling in Oxford? This is a good place to start. Free slapbands for all Cyclox members!

Speakers from Sustrans, Cyclox and the Broken Spoke Bike Co-op will talk about their work in Oxford and the South East and answer all your questions.

From Sustrans Sarah Leeming, South East Smarter Choices Programme Manager and Asia Wieloch, Project Officer, South East Volunteers

From Broken Spoke Bike Co-op – Eleanor Smith, Director

From Cyclox – several committee members

All welcome, free entry, refreshments

Membership renewal

If you are reading this your membership is renewed and you should have received your membership card – thank you for your continued support. All members are welcome to collect a free Cyclox fluorescent ankle slapband at our meetings, rides or stalls. Show your card to collect it. We have had technical difficulties with PayPal on our website so a few members have not yet been able to pay – please don’t worry, we will get in touch as soon as it is up and running again. If you haven’t received your card please get in touch.

And sincere thanks to Cyclox member and book reviewer (dannyreviews.com) Danny Yee who has repaired the website so PayPal now works again. There is a bit of tidying up to do but we are open for business! We will be contacting those members who have been unable to pay their subs.

Headington Festival Sunday 1st June

We will be holding a stall there again this year, hoping for as good weather. Come and find us on our stall to tell us what you think about cycling in Oxford. If you would like to help with the stall do get in touch with our stalls co-ordinator Kathryin McNichol via the sign up sheet www.slottr.com/sheets/5691

Bike week 14-22nd June

We will be posting up details of rides and Cyclox is offering two special rides – a re-run of the successful Nuffield ride and one themed on World War 1. More details soon on http://bikeweek.org.uk/us/


Cycletopia launch…

Ian Hudspeth spent time talking with Cyclox at the launch of Cycletopia http://tinyurl.com/CycloxVision2014 and it got a fair deal of press coverage. This is the Mail’s Editorial comment http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/opinion/comment/11158204.COMMENT__Cyclox_unveils_idealistic_plan_that_may_lead_to_real_change/ Our aim was to inform and influence the county whose Cycle vision is about to go public.

… And its effect

It feels as though the message about inclusivity is getting through. Craig Rossington, Senior Transport  Planner wrote: The county council is proposing to make some improvements to cycle routes across the city.  These minor changes will be funded by the city council.  They will mostly involve removing or amending the siting of barriers on certain off road cycle routes.  This is because they currently present unnecessary restrictions to cyclists, including those towing a trailer or riding a tandem.  In some cases the existing barrier arrangements make life difficult for users of mobility scooters and even people with children’s pushchairs.  Even though the main objective is to make things easier for cyclists and the other users mentioned, we still believe the remaining barriers will help to slow cyclists down and minimise the risk of collision with pedestrians. We have sent him a list of suitable barriers for removal.

Cyclox Priorities

Thank you for members who responded on the forum to our call for your priority tasks for Cyclox. Cecilia has collated the replies and this week in the committee meeting we did some more thinking on this. Comments welcome.

Consultations in the news

The Plain

The proposals don’t make us think it will encourage less confident cyclists to use it. MP Andrew Smith also wrote to the county in support of our points. James Styring wrote well about this in his column:  http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/11177581.The_Plain_must_not_become_a_white_elephant___/

Westgate shopping centre

Cyclox have been invited to attend the consultation and will continue to lobby for integrated thinking on cycle access and parking. The idea of a bike hub probably has been accepted. http://www.cyclox.org/improving-cycling-infrastructure/westgate/

Frideswide Square

Despite the news that Network Rail will rebuild the railway bridge by 2017, the county have said they will alter Frideswide to the 3 roundabout proposal next year. The latest plans seem to make cycling more difficult.

Traffic Count at The Plain

Simon Banks is co-ordinating a cycle count at The Plain to measure the impact of the proposed changes funded by the Cycle Ambition Fund. Volunteers required to count for an hour or so.  07:15 – 09:30am Wednesday 14th May 2014  Please text your available time to 0797 551 4208 if you can help.  Thanks.

Report from joint meeting with OxPA

In a lively and well-attended meeting, Councillor Nimmo-Smith (DNS) (head of transport for Oxfordshire CC) outlined the transport projects currently underway or planned to meet the projected needs of increased economic development within the county.  Places affected include Frideswide Square, the railway station, Oxpens, Westgate, Queen Street, St Aldates, Pembroke Street, St Giles, The Plain, Northern Gateway, Barton Park, Oxford Parkway (Water Eaton) Park & Ride etc.  He stressed the need for a holistic approach to integrate the often conflicting requirements of health, the local economy, and environment. His priority in developing transport policy is economic development and to keep and attract business.  An additional highly pressing need is to reduce air pollution while maintaining good access to the city by public transport. He also wishes to provide for and maintain “choice” by individuals in their use of private or public transport. An example of a holistic view is the need for travellers arriving by rail to enjoy the experience of the gateway spaces at the station frontage and Frideswide Square as they move into the city.  He explained that Revenue streams of funding (mainly Council tax) are used for regular expenditures such as highway maintenance, while Capital projects are largely funded by Government and/or developer contributions.

In other news…

What our politicians really think – Eric Pickles reveals his thoughts to the Cambridge News: http://road.cc/content/news/117341-eric-pickles-turns-down-cambridge-councillors-car-vs-bike-challenge

Missing the bikes

The artist’s impression of the new Oxford Parkway station isn’t encouraging for cyclists: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-27107547

How to be seen and recognised as a cyclist


Who takes exercise?

The gender difference between men and women caught our attention: men 20%, women 10% average over all ages, who had cycled any length or purpose in the past 4 weeks. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/306778/walking-and-cycling-statistics-release.pdf


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