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Cyclox Circular October 2014

Next week:  Ben Spencer Brookes Cycle  BOOM!  Tuesday 21st October 7.30pm  St Michael’s at the Northgate, Cornmarket, Oxford OX1 3EY  All welcome, free entry, refreshments
Cycle BOOM is a study by Oxford Brookes to understand cycling among the older population and how this affects independence, health and wellbeing. The ultimate aim is to advise policy makers and practitioners how our environment and technologies can be designed to help people to continue to cycle in older age or to reconnect with cycling.  Ben Spencer will talk about the project and share some of the early findings from the first wave of research this summer.

The week after:  OxPA October meeting, jointly with Cyclox on Tues Oct 28.  Town Hall, 7.30pm
“Justice, vulnerable road users and RoadPeace”  guest speaker Amy Aeron-Thomas, Executive Director of RoadPeace.  Those who have heard speakers from RoadPeace will never forget the power of their argument that road use is part of the inequity in society causing huge harm to those already less well off. Come along and hear how we can change things for the better.

 And then:   Cyclox AGM – Tues 18th Nov
See the separate email notification sent to all members. Papers will be sent one week beforehand. Please get in touch if you want to stand for the committee or provide expertise to our subgroups. And tell us by 4th Nov if have a motion you want considered.

No U turn on Frideswide Square
While today’s announcement is welcome, it is may not be enough to create an attractive cycling experience through Frideswide square. However it does suggest that the County Council is sensitive to adverse publicity especially after the widespread criticism of the Plain roundabout plans. The promise of separate cycle lanes in Frideswide square highlights the need  to provide segregated cycle routes on the roundabouts and the approaches to them from both sides to really encourage new cyclists onto their bikes. This has been Cyclox’s pressing argument – it is not enough to provide for today’s cyclists – the aim should be to achieve the modal shift that other European cities see as normal so that all types of cyclists are catered for.

And the station plans…
OxPA have invited the station lead officer Fiona Piercey to talk:  Thursday November 27th 7pm. The town hall. “The Station Masterplan” Guest Speaker Fiona Piercey lead officer for both City and County Councils on the station project.

Cars stopping beyond the ASL
We have all experienced cars encroaching on the advanced stop box reserved for cyclists at traffic lights. While ordinary drivers will rarely if ever be prosecuted for this, taxi drivers can be cautioned by their licencing authority. Committee member Graham Smith took a photo of a taxi over the ASL and sent it to the council. He was pleased to learn that the city council (who licence the taxis) did speak to the driver and warn him to obey the law more closely.
Taxis – How to Make a Complaint:  Oxford City Council takes all complaints made about the level of service provided by taxi drivers very seriously.
1. Make a note of either the driver’s badge number or make a note of the vehicle licence plate number, or vehicle registration number
2. Note the time and date
3. Note the location of the incident
4. Remember as much detail as you can about the vehicle type, colour and any distinguishing features
5. Contact the Licensing Team at Oxford City Council, St Aldate’s Chambers, 109 St Aldate’s, Oxford, OX1 1DS. Tel: 01865 252115; Fax: 01865 252115; Email: licensing@oxford.gov.uk

Oxonbikes are back
The Headington self-service bike hire scheme, OXONBIKE was re-launched a few weeks ago http://bit.ly/1rW8CYe . Assuming it keeps going this time, do let Cyclox know of your experience with the service.

Reporting unresponsive traffic light sensors
Cyclox has been reassured by the traffic light manager in the county council that a bike is sufficient to trigger the lights to change where the sensors are installed. If you find one that doesn’t work – https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/traffic-signals


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