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Cyclox Circular January 2015

Happy New Year to all Cyclox members from the Committee

Even at this festive holiday season your committee is ceaseless in its efforts on your behalf. Cecilia Fry has been attending consultations on Westgate and won a significant victory for cyclists. Graham Smith has asked the city council to redesign the layout of the street market in Broad St to allow cyclists and pedestrians a clear run through. Over the last few days the Cyclox forum has been buzzing with the incomprehensible situation at the newly restored junction between Hythe Bridge St and George St. Dan Levy has asked the county council to put up suitable ‘except cyclists’ signs so that we can still access George St, though it still won’t be as safe as before given the huge expanse of unmarked tarmac to negotiate.

AND … for those last minute presents – a Cyclox gift membership can be arranged! We can have the card printed up within 24 hours so your Christmas present worries are solved! Email membership@cyclox.org or use the website. New members joining at this time of year get 15 months’ membership.

George St / Hythe Bridge St junction

After weeks of temporary traffic lights, the design of this junction is now clear – and cycling doesn’t seem to have been considered at all. Prior to this, cyclists with steady nerves could cross the oncoming traffic and negotiate the unconventional route through the barriers but now it seems anything but a left turn when inbound from Hythe Bridge St is banned for all traffic. We have sought clarification and hope that it can be improved but meanwhile Cyclox’ advice is either to avoid it altogether by using Park End St, or wait until the lights are at red and walk across.

Frideswide Square

Following a meeting of committee members Dan, Graham and James with the county planners, Cyclox has concluded that cyclists will continue to have a difficult ride through the square. Here is a link to our letter:http://www.cyclox.org/improving-cycling-infrastructure/d-oxford-station-frideswide-square/further-discussion-cyclox-response-and-concerns/.


Thanks to lobbying from Cyclox treasurer Cecilia, cycling will be permitted along the front of the new residential buildings in front of John Lewis by Castle Mill Stream – formerly just a ‘riverside walk’. Not seen yet if it will be a formal cycle route but permission anyway. This cuts out some of the ‘bus loop’ and two 90 degree bends for cyclists and for many will be as useful as the Abbey Place crossing we asked for. See our website for more information: http://www.cyclox.org/improving-cycling-infrastructure/westgate/

Pedestrians and cyclists in harmony

James Greig writes sensibly about the pros and cons of cycle lanes at his blog http://greig.cc/journal/2014/12/cycling-infrastructure-is-not-for-cyclists and this reassuring article suggests that developing cycle infrastructure improves walkers’ lives  too – at least in New York and Seattle. http://www.peopleforbikes.org/blog/entry/it-turns-out-that-protected-bike-lanes-are-fantastic-for-walking-safety-too

How to spend £114m

Simon Hunt has written http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/news/11666065.Cycle_group_details____shiny____projects_in_bid_for_funding/ to the county council with suggestions on how they may spend the recently announced Cycle City fund. What would be great would be some simple maintenance of the current cycle facilities – painting lines and clearing overgrown edges but we recognise this doesn’t win bids. One of the biggest concerns for local councillors and residents is how transport in and out of the Oxford Gateway will work. Cyclox suggests this deserves a serious dedicated cycle route. And together with other campaign groups Cyclox has written to the Transport Minister – see attached.

Danny Dorling presentation

I must apologise for my report last month that Prof Dorling’s talk at the Cyclox AGM was on our website. We have had some technical difficulties splicing the video together so it isn’t there yet. I will let you know when we get it going.

Cyclox Rangers

We are getting more volunteers to be Cyclox Rangers around the city – reporting on cycle facilities in their area. If you are interested, contact Simon via cycloxchair@gmail.com. Another member suggested Cyclox organise an annual audit of cycling in the city. These two ideas work well together and could be linked to some publicity. More soon, as they say.


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