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Membership payments

Cyclox has moved bank accounts so we are asking all members with a standing order to change it to our new account. The new details are:

Sort Code 08 92 99

Account Number: 65725993

Account Name : Cyclox

Bank Name: The co-operative bank

I will write separately to everyone with a standing order on the Santander account so look out for that email.

It would be really helpful if you can change the details online, then email andy.chivers@gmail.com to let me know you have done it.

Alternatively I have attached a new SO form which you can complete and send to your bank, again it would be great if you let me know.

I will be sending reminders for the next few months.

If I haven’t heard from you I will send you a form and an SAE nearer the renewal time.



Help is needed to make these meetings run smoothly. With many more people attending we need some helpers on the evening to put chairs out, meet and greet, and tidy up afterwards. Please get in touch with Ruth Davis harefields@hotmail.com


January 27th

Social and Debate with OxPA – RSVP

Oxford Pedestrians Association’s  Winter Party is on Tuesday Jan 27th at 7.30pm  in St Michael at the North Gate (entrance from Cornmarket via courtyard).

This is a joint event with Cyclox and Oxford Civic Society for a debate on whether buses or other transport should be brought back to bridge the Cornmarket Gap.  After a short introduction by a representative from each of the three groups, there will be a general discussion, followed by mulled wine and nibbles. Numbers are limited so please email Ruth Davis on harefields@hotmail.com if you would like to attend.

February 17th

Oxford’s “dual network” concept for cycle routes

7.30pm St Michael in the Northgate

Presentation on Shared Space and the Dual Network concept. As the Space for Cycling campaign and money from Cycle Ambition Funds raise the profile of cycling nationally, we want to consider Cyclox’ strategy. Chair Simon Hunt will lead a discussion on the choice between direct routes on busy roads and slower quieter alternatives.

March 17th

Yoga and Cycling

7.30pm St Michael in the Northgate

Yoga and cycling – a perfect blend for keeping fit and supple. Cyclox member and Yoga teacher Lucy Tennyson will offer us advice on how yoga helps us cycle.

Workshop: Stop, Stretch, and Cycle

For those who want to try a practical session Lucy and fellow cyclist Alison Partridge are running an introductory session on Saturday 28 February, St Alban’s Hall, Charles St OX4 2.30-5pm (inc refreshments)  It will deal with how to warm up and stretch, and use yoga, to make your cycling easier and kinder on the body. They then offer a sequence of deeper postures to really stretch you for that next bike ride. Our special guest, experienced touring cyclist Ellen Lee (author of the book On Your Bike Oxfordshire), will be on hand to check your riding position and saddle height to make sure you are not putting unnecessary stress on your body. We welcome all cyclists, from slow to serious, shoppers to racers: just come along with your bike, tight muscles and an open mind! Our aim is to offer you an enjoyable day whatever your level of fitness. Cost £20 (£15 conc) See www.lucytennyson.com

March 24th

Negotiating your way through the city centre – Cornmarket

(further details to be confirmed)

Given the changes with the revamped Westgate centre, there is a lot of debate about managing the bus, cycle and pedestrian access. Joint meeting with OxPA and OCS on Cornmarket with bus company directors and transport experts.

Tuesday April 21st

What do our politicians think about cycling?

(further details to be confirmed)

Hustings debate. Prompted by the forthcoming general election Cyclox hopes there will be a candidate from each party to present their vision of cycling for Oxford and what they will do about it. This complements our annual fact finding questioning of local council candidates to hear their thoughts on cycling priorities which we plan to repeat this year.



Hythe Bridge Street – tell the county how bad it is

Sadly, as predicted, a cyclist was knocked off at this newly finished junction on Friday. The cyclist was apparently not seriously hurt. Councillor Susannah Pressel has forwarded the accident details to the planners and David Nimmo-Smith, head of transport in the county council. The “Except Cycles” signs are now up so you can now legally cycle into the path of other traffic, both having a green light. See attached for plan for painted refuge proposal. So please, go onto the OCC website, http://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/around?pc=hythe+bridge+street and on their map report/describe an issue with this junction, especially mentioning cycles have a green straight on light and then being subject to a stream of traffic coming in from the left, or words to that effect.

National Cycling Investment Strategy – debate tomorrow, 26th Jan

The government proposes £15 billion on roads, and only £214 million on cycling. The Parliamentary “Get Britain Cycling” is trying to include more ambitious national cycling levels, namely from less than 2% of trips at present to 10% by 2025 and to 25% by 2050 (roughly Dutch levels), with a net saving of £248 billion by 2050. CTC are calling for cycling to be put on a par with railways and roads in having a legally binding commitment at national level for future development. Support this at http://engagement.ctc.org.uk/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1689&ea.campaign.id=34053&ea.tracking.id=mailer

St Clements’ and the Plain

Work is now underway, and frankly the narrow lanes caused by the works might be the best arrangement for cyclists. Jonny Ives makes the imaginative suggestion that we ask the city and the contractors for a trial traffic free hour for cyclists to get to know the new configuration when it first opens. And perhaps a mass ride using the junction in every way possible would be fun.

Oxford Transport Strategy

A draft version is now available: http://mycouncil.oxfordshire.gov.uk/documents/s28409/Connecting%20Oxfordshire%20vol%202%20section%20i%20-%20OTS%20LTP4.pdf. Cyclox will of course be responding so your comments to us will be welcome in shaping our thoughts.

Sustrans survey shows voters support investing in cycle facilities

A Times article reporting on this survey encourages us to tell our city, county and parliamentary candidates that they will gain support from policies which encourage cycling: www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/cyclesafety/article4329412.ece