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Cyclox Circular April 15


ELECTION FEVER IS UPON US:- Parliamentary Election Hustings
Don’t miss your chance to hear the parliamentary candidates’ views on cycling provision in and around Oxford

  • Oxford East: Wed 22nd April, 7.30 pm.  Assembly Room, Oxford Town Hall
  • Oxford West and Abingdon: Tues 28th April, 7.30 pm.  Assembly Room, Oxford Town Hall

For more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/447580222065625/, and  https://www.facebook.com/events/1434930056804082/
We have joined up with other active travel and sustainability groups to invite parliamentary candidates for the two constituencies to answer questions about their views and their party’s policies.  All members are welcome of course and you may want to ask your candidates to sign CTC’s initiative: http://votebike.org.uk/
We will have the results of our candidate survey on Monday 20th in the evening – do go to http://www.cyclox.org/raising-the-profile-of-cycling-in-oxford/elections-2/


The Plain Project: a view from Copenhagen  Thursday 14th May 7.30pm  Venue to be decided
Yannick Cornet and Tim Schwannen from the University of Oxford Transport Studies Unit have conducted a series of interviews with cyclists using the Plain and will put their findings on The Plain project as well as the message for cycling advocacy.

Buses, bikes and pedestrians – Joint meeting with OxPA in the Town Hall Tuesday, May 26th 7.00
We have changed the date to allow for the second husting meeting. Corinne is setting up a meeting with the bus companies and invited Richard Mann to talk. It might be an opportunity to improve the parking of buses on Magdalen St East among other things.

Oxford Cycling Short Film Competition
Led by committee member Jake Backus Cyclox is running a competition for short films based in and around Oxford to inspire people to cycle in / to Oxford. There will be a large cash prize and we aim to show the best films in a local cinema at the end of the year. More details to follow.

Stop, Stretch and Cycle  Sunday 26 April 2.154.45pm
A workshop for all cyclists at St Alban’s Hall, Charles Street, East Oxford. After last month’s Cyclox talk on Yoga and Cycling, yoga teachers and cyclists Lucy Tennyson and Alison Partridge are offering a series of workshops showing how yoga can benefit anyone who cycles. In our April workshop we shall look at the shoulders in particular, and offer two contrasting yoga sessions suitable for all levels. We are delighted that Brita Benson will join us to give a 30 minute session on self-care, including massage, and Do-In (self-Shiatsu & Acupressure). Email: a.partridge4@ntlworld.com, Lucy tel: 07715207784 or see www.lucytennyson.com

Bike Week
Bike Week 2015 is from 13th to 21st June. Cyclox is working with other cycling groups to offer a range of rides. If you have suggestions for a ride, or would like to lead one, Cyclox will be happy to support it, so let us know. www.bikeweek.org.uk



Cyclox Membership Renewals
Thank you – almost all payments are now in and a final reminder to members who pay by PayPal or cheque went out yesterday so if you didn’t get that you can expect your card(s) at the end of next week.  Quite a lot of members still need to change their standing order to Coop and in with your membership card there will be a form and an SAE for those who have yet to do so. If you have time to change the Coop details are: Sort Code 08 92 99 / Account Number: 65725993 / Account Name : Cyclox / Bank Name: The co-operative bank payment on or about 1st April each year and and for standing orders the subs are: Unwaged £5 / Waged £10 / Household  £15. If you are not sure whether you have paid,  do email andy.chivers@gmail.com

What does Cyclox want Cyclenation to do for us?
At the moment they provide:

  • An occasional newsletter and news bulletins
  • The Cyclenation-Forum email discussion group
  • An opportunity for your voice to be heard nationally and internationally, through our membership of the UK Cycling Alliance and the European Cyclists Federation.
  • Organisation of the Annual Conference.
  • A Steering role for national campaigns (like Space 4 Cycling)
  • Input into development of Bike-Rail facilities – we know this is a concern for many of your members.
  • Access to resources on our website, like the FAQ.
  • Group visits.
  • General advice on anything you want to ask us – just get in touch.

Send suggestions to secretary@cyclenation.org.uk and copy Simon in. The Cyclenation AGM in Birmingham is on May 16th.  Anyone like to go?  If a member would like to go as Cyclox’ representative we think Cyclox funds should be able to subsidise half the travel and registration cost in return for a brief report.


Frideswide – what is your experience?
Richard Mann says: “It is depressingly awful. Pedestrians are now fenced off from their desire lines, and have to cross multiple lanes of traffic, sometimes without a refuge. My advice – use the bridge over Botley Road, the path in front of the business school, and Hythe Bridge Street. The eastern roundabout is downright hairy, with drivers cutting across or inside it. On some entries multiple entry lanes are forming, and it’s not possible to take primary and dominate an entry. The western one isn’t so bad – most of the traffic is going the same way, though that may change now that the exit to Becket St has been opened up. The traffic is flowing nicely, so there’s a bit of a speeding problem too. That may settle down once traffic picks up (diverts from other routes) to fill the new space that’s been made available. On a bike, you can go in via Hythe Bridge Street and back via St Thomas St. Basically the square has become a no-go zone. Great.” See http://snipurl.com/frideswide02apr for the latest news of progress at Frideswide Square.

Oxford Parkway, and Bicester Town / Village stations
We are working hard with Chiltern Railways to get the best cycle parking in the new stations – current plans at Oxford Parkway are for a derisory 100 places, though to give them credit they do have ‘multimodal space’ ie car parking which could be converted to bikes. International comparisons are interesting: www.copenhagenize.com/2015/04/7550-new-bike-parking-spots-at.html – a brief quote: “At Copenhagen Central Station there are only about 1000 bike parking spots. Even in Basel they have 800+. In Antwerp they have this. Don’t even get me started on the Dutch. 12,500 bike parking spots are on the way in some place called Utrecht. Amsterdam has a multi-story bike parking facility, floating bicycle barges round the back and are planning 7000 more spots underwater. “

City Cycling Ambition Grant
The successful bid to improve the cycle path along the Thames from below Folly Bridge to Osney Mead would make more sense if there was a bridge over the Thames so that people from East Oxford could get on it. Elise Benjamin, Green city councillor for the area writes: “A bridge from Jackdaw Lane would mean cyclists going through the Aston’s Eyot nature area which is managed by local residents so it would have to be done very sensitively.  I would also be concerned about cyclist safety because of the large (scary) vehicles that go to and from the scrap yard at the end of Jackdaw Lane.  There have been calls for a bridge connecting Iffley Road and Abingdon Road for years to stop cyclists having to double back by either cycling to Donnington Bridge or into town.  But the cost of a bridge over the Thames would be significant and there are problems finding a suitable crossing point. I spoke to Ian Hudspeth on Monday about the bridge funding and he says that this is new money and they had to get a bid in very quickly so there was no time to consult.  If the money has been awarded for a specific project it’s probably ring fenced.”

Diamond Place, Summertown – and no mention of cycle parking
James Dawton points out that nowhere in the report is there any mention of cycling apart from saying there is a route through it, so no mention of cycle parking provison.  http://consultation.oxford.gov.uk/consult.ti/DraftDiamondPlaceSPD/consultationHome

Support from an unexpected quarter, data from an expected one
Business leaders have written the attached letter calling for government to see cycling investment as a central part of their transport and communities policy.  Perhaps the most important suggestion is that 5% of transport spend is committed to cycle provision. And for more useful statistics, CTC have gathered them all together:  http://www.ctc.org.uk/resources/ctc-cycling-statistics

We all know about fillthathole.org and mean to use it more for those awful potholes, but there is also http://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/ which will take a wider range of issues such as worn out white lines – better than just moaning about them. 

River bridge north of Abbey Road reopened
The bridge is now opened, but sadly the impossible barrier at the end of Abbey Road remains untouched, another example of the inconsistent approach  to cycle provision.


Definitely in the ‘gasp in amazement’ department
You may think you are pretty nifty on your bike, brief track stands at the traffic lights is my limit but https://www.facebook.com/SafeCyclingAustralia/videos/824849190895819/takes things to a whole new level. Of course if I had a fixie! Warning – On a PC I could only view this by logging into Facebook – seemed unnecessary on an iPad.

A history of the bicycle
This loving description of how the bicycle evolved has lots of unexpected gems of information: http://www.alumni.cam.ac.uk/news/how-the-bicycle-got-its-spokes


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