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Cyclox Circular July 15


Oxford Cycle Shorts – A Cyclox Short Film Competition
Never a week goes by without cycling being in the news one way or the other, often negatively, and we all hear people say ‘oh I couldn’t cycle in Oxford – too dangerous’. So Cyclox would like to counter this with evidence of the positive aspects of cycling in Oxford. We are inviting you to make a short (1-5mins) film which aims to encourage cycling in Oxford. Go to  http://www.cyclox.org/film/ for more details. There is a huge cash prize, plus fame and publicity for all who take part. Closing date 5th Oct 2015.

Bike Week
Thank you to the many participants in the Cyclox rides, all in glorious weather thanks to excellent planning by the Oxford Bike Week coordinator Liz Bruton.

Low Carbon Oxford Stall in Broad Street
As part of Bike Week, Low Carbon Oxford held an event promoting sustainable transport.  Cyclox held a stall there. Though the weather was iffy, there were lots of good conversations, among them:

  1. a) Folly Bridge  is difficult and dangerous for cyclists heading north.
  2. b) Littlemore ring road cycle path – burnt out cars have damaged the surface of the cycle path
  3. c) There is a little known route from Mill Lane in Old Marston to the ring road which should be added on to Richard Mann’s map
  4. d) Somebody was knocked off at Marston Road junction with Headington Hill. The road markings are not helpful.
  5. e) The Plain – lots of complaints that the new layout is no better
  6. f) The Worcester Road lights are in the wrong sequence
  7. g) Complaints about cars parked in the cycle lanes



OxonBikes growing near you
We are pleased hear of continued expansion and increasing interest in the hire bike scheme. Their success depends on having enough sites to enable useful journeys, so offers of spaces for a rack of bikes would be welcome.

Cyclox members raising money for charity
Michael Bailey is riding for Oxfam:   https://www.justgiving.com/Michael-Bailey11 as he says, Oxfam has now included ‘reducing UK inequalities’ as one of its aims so Michael feels they need all the support they can get.
Helen Salisbury has been talked into cycling 100 km round London in the middle of the night to raise money for Bike Safe – a local charity campaigning for a cycle/pedestrian path along the lethal B4044 from Eynsham to Botley. If you have a pound or two to spare it will make the sore bottom so much more bearable…. https://localgiving.com/fundraising/helensalisbury
And Penny Ormerod asks: if you (or someone you know) would like to cycle from Oxford to Paris 11th – 14th September, there is a place for you: One cyclist has had to pull out  so if anyone would like to join a small group for this trip (all hotels etc already booked) email Penny Ormerod: pjormerod@gmail.com

Bike Hub – a website worth knowing about
To make you feel less alone in your personal crusade to convert everyone to cycling, here is a piece which offers some inspiration: http://www.bikehub.co.uk/featured-articles/cycling-and-the-law/

Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy
More formal commitments to investing in cycling will follow from this agreement http://www.ctc.org.uk/news/20150624-cycling-walking-investment-strategy-gets-go-ahead which Robert Goodwill, transport minister, has announced will definitely happen.

Cycle paranoia explained
This report, though over sensationalized does attempt to explain why cyclists are seen as an ‘out-group’, something which seems to be a UK peculiarity:


Oxford’s inner ring road improvement
The B4495 was seen as the start of an inner ring road in the 60s and remains a crucial route on the east of the city but apart from the delight of Marston Ferry Rd rarely offers any comfort to cyclists. These consultations https://consultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk/consult.ti/accesstoheadington/consultationHome  give some encouragement that cycle lanes are planned. Please respond before 5th Aug deadline.

Frideswide square works
No doubt the synchronised roadworks around the city are a secret ploy to get more people walking and cycling, but at the moment Frideswide Square is pretty hostile to every type of movement. This website, though probably designed for car drivers roadworks.org – Live and planned traffic disruptions can warn you about where your bike ride might meet some congestion.

Public Spaces Protection Order
Thanks to vigorous campaigning by a huge variety of interest groups, this proposal, which would have given disproportionate penalties for cycling in pedestrian areas, has been shelved for further consideration. Not that Cyclox approves or condones such behaviour but we do think that a degree of proportionality is called for. When cars park on pavements with impunity throughout the city, and speed limits are ignored by 80% of drivers, this proposal seems persecutory. We have put in  two FOIs to obtain the actual numbers of complaints from the public and the methods the city council uses to analyse them. So far no response.

Pembroke St two way cycling
This long-running Cyclox aim has taken a faltering step forwards with a discussion between city council planning officers and interested groups on improving the surface and as a by product introducing two way cycling.

Threat to the quiet cycle route down Dragon Lane
The Dragon School has put in a planning application for a large new music block which will certainly affect traffic at both ends of Dragon Lane, and also threatens Dragon Lane’s status as a public footpath and a green, unmotorised section of Cycle Route 1. This path has about 500 daily cyclists on it and undoubtedly the new block will create more traffic. We are keen to ensure that cycling is properly considered during the works and after. Please send any comments or ideas for informing this discussion to ann.pasternak-slater@st-annes.ox.ac.uk


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