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Cyclox Circular September 2015


Oxford Cycle Shorts – A Cyclox Short Film Competition
Never a week goes by without cycling being in the news one way or the other, often negatively, and we all hear people say ‘oh I couldn’t cycle in Oxford – too dangerous’.  So Cyclox would like to counter this with evidence of the positive aspects of cycling in Oxford.  We are inviting you to make a short (1-5mins) film which aims to encourage cycling in Oxford. Go to http://www.cyclox.org/film/ for more details. There is a huge cash prize, plus fame and publicity for all who take part. Closing date 21st November 2015.

Cyclox public meetings – all welcome, refreshments, chance to chat
Tuesday 15th September, 7.30pm St Michael in the Northgate
Localism – an exploration of cycling priorities in the residential areas of Oxford – how to identify the local issues and can Cyclox members get involved?  We are interested in how Cyclox members can give us an insight into how cycling is supported in their part of the city.  We would like interested members to support this in their local area – we are calling them our Cyclox Champions.  If you want to know more, or have a suggestion for how it might work, come along and tell us.

Monday 19th October 7.30pm St Michael in the Northgate – note different day
Andrew Richie, inventor of the Brompton folding bike!

Cyclox AGM Tuesday 17th November, 7.30pm St Michael in the Northgate|
With special guest author and journalist Carlton Reid whose talk to Cyclox last year was a great success. See http://www.roadswerenotbuiltforcars.com/

Cycle to Work Day – Thursday 3th September
Your chance to encourage colleagues to get on their bikes: Cycle to Work Day – on Cyclox Stalls we find that showing would-be cycle commuters the Oxford Cycle Map helps them see opportunities for pleasant routes to work. Something to talk about over coffee.

Headley Way and the inner ring road – Cyclox and CTC have responded and look forward to seeing the result of the public consultation.  We feel that though beneficial to cyclists if properly designed, the underlying aim is to improve motorised traffic flow in Headington.  That is reasonable – a win-win situation though it remains to be seen if the local residents will see it that way.  We had a few specific points:
(i) We are keen to improve provision for non-confident people who cycle or would like to cycle but don’t, parallel to the B4495 and to Old Road
(ii) Is is important to have fully segregated cycleways in both directions, separated from pedestrians, on the Headley Way rise
(iii) We need good signage of quieter routes
(iv) Encourage liaison with the hospital trusts and educational institutions to ensure that the internal cycleways on their own land that bring cyclists “to the front door” of their destinations, are smoothly connected with the cycleways provided by you as the public authority.


Frideswide Square could be safer for cyclists
The Oxford Mail had to use Freedom Of Information to get this information from the county council about the risks to cyclists on the new layout at the station.  We are yet to find out whether the off-road cycle provision in the square will be acceptable or even encourage more cyclists to ride into the city – but Cyclox wasn’t impressed by the initial proposals.  http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/yourtown/oxford/13625467.Cyclists_welcome_report_into_safety_of_Frideswide_Square/  A much fuller report is at: Council admits new Oxford junction DID make cyclists ‘vulnerable’ | road.cc

The eternal question – are cycle helmets a good thing?
A recent letter in the Oxford Mail prompted Cyclox to look at its published statements and in the process to find this review by Ben Goldacre:  http://www.badscience.net/2013/12/bicycle-helmets-and-the-law-a-perfect-teaching-case-for-epidemiology/ which in essence concludes that the benefits if any are small and there are more important things to concentrate on – improving infrastructure and achieving safety in numbers for example.

Australian solution to the risks of cycling
With a warning about the typical direct Aussie humour and colourful language, this is a very entertaining report: https://www.facebook.com/SafeCyclingAustralia/videos/866367293410675/?fref=nf

You won’t complain about repairing a puncture again
Human ingenuity will rise to so many challenges and this example is impressive. https://www.facebook.com/196389591941/videos/10153606422611942/?fref=nf

Turning the clock back 80 years
This excellent article explains why reintroducing a hypothecated Road Tax could put cyclists at risk: New tax on vehicles is a major step back for cycling and the environment”:  http://totalwomenscycling.com/news/why-reintroducing-road-tax-could-put-cyclists-at-risk-52916/#r4JWmBXHP3EJhwxa.99

Going through red lights – legally
Another example of lateral thinking in Paris where cyclists will be allowed to go through selected red lights. By implication cyclists will be more likely to stop at the other ones.  I don’t think it is going to happen here any time soon. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-33773868

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