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Cyclox Circular February 2016

Cyclox social with OxPA – Tues 26th January 7.30pm St Michael in the Northgate
Each year we have an informal get together with Oxford Pedestrians’ Association and Oxford Civic Society to discuss common concerns.  We have limited places at the meeting so if you would like to attend ask Ruth Davis– harefields@hotmail.com who will be able to tell you if there are still spaces.  Chris Church, who has recently started a new organisation for people who don’t drive, or want to drive less will be giving an introductory talk.

Cycling hackathon “Pedalling Innovation” at The Story Museum, Oxford 5-6 February
You may wonder what a hackathon is.  In this case it is an informal event with a number of small teams brainstorming to explore ways to “Make cycling better in Oxford and beyond”.  Open to anyone with enthusiasm, it is moderated by mentors so the conversations progress rather than go round in circles or get dominated by a few individuals. Cyclox Chair Simon Hunt has these suggestions which may inspire you to attend for one or both days:
1. Invent a novel source of small but regular compulsory funding from lots of contributors, to pay for cycling and walking infrastructure and maintenance
2.A simple gizmo to crowdsource reporting of cycleway maintenance problems to the road menders with follow-through on statistics of problems solved and time to resolution.
3. A near miss reporting app for people who cycle
4. Air pollution analyser that works in real time and mounts on a handlebar, to crowdsource air quality reports and take avoiding action.
More details: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pedalling-innovation-oxfords-first-cycle-data-hackathon-tickets-18840165442

Oxford Civic Society talk: Prof Danny Dorling – Thursday 11th February 2016 , Ship Street Centre,  Jesus College (The Bastion)
Cyclox members will remember 2014 AGM when Prof Dorling talked entertainingly about the complex influences on urban cycling. This is a chance to hear him speak again. OCS are holding a public talk on: “Restoring Oxford as the UK’s cycling capital”. The time is 7.30pm for 8.00pm and the venue is just round the corner from the usual Cyclox venue. Entry is free to all, though it might inspire you to join OCS. Oxford Civic Society have an active interest in transport issues and Cyclox finds working with them very productive.

Prof Rachel Aldred talk on the NearMiss Project – 16th February 7.30pm St Michael in the Northgate  http://www.nearmiss.bike/
Dr. Rachel Aldred is a Senior Lecturer in Transport at the University of Westminster, and specialises in cycling research. One of her current research projects is the Near Miss Project, funded by Creative Exchange and Blaze. This has explored cyclists’ experiences of near misses in the UK with one academic paper and one policy report published so far. Notable findings have included the high frequency of near miss incidents (by comparison to slight injury collisions) and analysis of factors affecting their frequency and impact. Dr. Aldred will speak about the findings, ongoing analysis of the data, and policy implications.

Oxford City Council wants your views
The Oxford City Council’s draft Corporate Plan consultation will be closing on Sunday 24th January. They are not the highway authority, so their influence is more subtle and generally the councillors are pro cycling. However, there is vanishingly little about cycling in the plan. Here is one quote: “Our Oxford Cycle City project has delivered over £250,000 worth of cycling improvements in Oxford.”And another: “It is vital for Oxford as a growing, sustainable city that we continue our work to improve air quality … for example through improvements to cycle lanes and parking and park and rides to encourage travel by bus and bicycle in the city. If you wish to take part via the consultation portal, please click here.

BBOWT wants keen bike riders
Cyclox members are invited to sign up to the three-day 200-mile challenge Wild Ride for Wildlife from Greenham Common to Paris in September 2016, and help to protect the amazing animals, flowers, reptiles and insects of West Berkshire.  The Wildlife Trust is hosting a Wild Ride Information Evening on Wednesday 27 January at 7pm in the Nature Discovery Centre, Thatcham for seasoned long-distance cyclists and keen enthusiasts to find out more about the route, equipment and training, how to fund-raise, and about the wildlife and special wild places of West Berkshire that will benefit from the Wild Ride. www.bbowt.org.uk/wildride

Celebrate the sweat!
Kajsa Tylen is seeking to break the women’s record for Furthest Distance Cycled in a Year was set 77 years ago; on January 1, 1938, a British lady named Billie Dovey.  She rode every day, on a 3-speed road bike, and achieved an astounding 29,603 miles!  Kajsa’s mission is to get adults active and to feel good about themselves, in order to set a good example for the next generation.  So instead of asking people to donate money to a worthwhile cause, she wants donations of SWEAT – a pledge to make a lifestyle change in 2016.   The idea is that people make a pledge – an activity goal – and that is followed by their donations of minutes of sweat while training, and by the end of 2016.  This might be an extra incentive to keep those New Year Resolutions! Further details can be found at www.ayearinthesaddle.com/

Frideswide experiences
One member discovered that the shared space in front of Said Business School worked well when coming out of the station and turning left into town.  Richard Mann noted: “So far, most pavement-use seems to be in the peak, and even then it’s a minority.  When traffic is flowing, I’d reckon more than 90% stay on the road (though that might be gradually declining as people realise they’re allowed to use the pavement).  A lot more people are cycling on the road than I think we expected.  The lesson I’d draw is that there needs to be space for cyclists to stay on the road.  They’re certainly not avoiding using the road (or avoiding making right turns at the central roundabout).  Please tell us your experiences and views.

Driving is cheaper than 10 yrs ago
An excellent graph produced by the RAC showing that in cost terms there is no war on motorists, rather rail and bus users are paying too much. http://www.racfoundation.org/data/cost-of-transport-index

It isn’t cycling but it is cycology
The Swedes show one way to get more people using active travel. How might this translate into encouraging cycling? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lXh2n0aPyw

How it’s done in Germany
We have Marston Road and Marston Ferry Road which meets this sort of quality, but 60 miles?! http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/germany-60-mile-bicycle-highway

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