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Cyclox Circular November 2016 – AGM Edition

Cyclox Chair Simon Hunt says:

Last Tuesday we launched our major campaign on Rights and Responsibilities of cyclists.  It’s to promote mutual respect amongst all road users, based on the Highway Code and on decent, civilised give-and-take.  Maybe you saw the splash about it in the media.  Cycloxhas co-ordinated this with the endorsement of local Councils, the Universities, the Police and Road safety services. Please play your part in publicising it.  ‘Like’ it on our Facebook page.  Tweet it.  Talk about it in your family or other groups.  Help distribute leaflets and hangers, available at the AGM.

See  http://tinyurl.com/cycloxRandR

Forthcoming Events

Cyclox AGM – Church doors open 7pm, refreshments 7.15pm for 7.30pm start 15th November. St Michael in the Northgate

We’d love to see you at the AGM next Tuesday.  We’ll spend a short time reporting highlights of the year, and dealing with the to-dos on the Agenda We have an excellent speaker, David Cox, until recently Chair of the Trustees of CyclingUK (the rebranded CTC).  Plenty of time too for chat, aided by drinks and nibbles.  As usual, the venue is St Michael-in-Northgate: please aim to arrive by 7.15 pm, for a prompt start.

Laurie Taylor, City Centre manager talk November 22nd (Cancelled)

Joint meeting with OxPA, 7pm Tuesday November 22nd in the Town Hall. All members welcome. Laurie is responsible for the public realm in the city centre so her experience is valuable in understanding attitudes to bike riding and parking.  (Note:  unfortunately this event had to be cancelled).


Cyclox is holding a stall at the Oxfam One World Fair in the Town Hall on Saturday 19th Nov and at the Green Fair on Saturday 3rdDecember. If you would like to join the stalls team for an hour or so to enjoy chatting about cycling in Oxford, email Kathryn our stalls co-ordinator kathryn@kmcnicoll.co.uk

News and Reports

Banbury Road and Woodstock Road Corridor study. 

Oxfordshire County Council commissioned Atkins to undertake a study of the A4165 (Banbury Road) & A4144 (Woodstock Road) between St. Giles in Oxford City Centre, and the Kidlington Roundabout. The study is available on the Oxfordshire County Council website http://tinyurl.com/corridorconsultation . The county council is seeking views on this study so that when there is a possibility of funding developments in these corridors they are ready with plans.  We have tested the proposals against the plans in the Oxford Transport Strategy to make Banbury Road a Cycle Premium Route, and Woodstock Road a Cycle Super Route.

Cyclox has prepared a response and will be submitting it shortly. In the meantime if you would like to submit your own response or comment on ours, here is our headline response.

Our headline response – for more background see county website link above

The report is very cautious, and does not go far enough, it does not explore radical options such as making Woodstock and Banbury Roads one way.

The report indicates that the County Council wishes to give buses priority in this plan, we oppose this strongly and wish to see cycles given priority.

The option proposed in the plan does not meet the Oxford Transport Strategy standards because of the priority given to bus lanes.  We strongly oppose this. The loss of continuity is not acceptable.

The proposed plans for the corridor development on Woodstock Road does not meet the standards for Cycle Super Route. The alternative proposal made by Atkins does and we wish to see that alternative made the primary option.

If the bus stops are not floating bus stops the whole design fails as the cycle routes cease to become continuous.

It isn’t clear from the plans what the design of the side road entries are for the proposed stepped cycle paths, and what the road markings will be to alert drivers to give way to cyclists.

Of the routes to the Northern Gateway suggested in the proposal, route 5 is our preferred option out of the Northern Gateway to Parkway, that is between the A34 and the railway line.


Funding for cycling

“Graham Pendlebury, the DfT’s director of local transport, has said that ‘boosting economic growth and opportunity’ is ‘probably the uber-objective for us’. www.transport-network.co.uk/Govt-allergy-to-ring-fencing-makes-tough-job-for-sustainable-transport/12651.

Cyclox Chair, Simon Hunt interprets this to mean that:

  1. The prime case we make for cycling must be to show it boosts economic growth and opportunity.  That is what central Government is listening out for.
  2. Our task must include persuading the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership [the agency that bids for and distributes the bulk of central Government money for local schemes] to specify cycling as a significant travel mode to invest in.
  3. by implication, objectives such as better health, improved air quality, traffic de-congestion, greater accessibility to all, do not directly feature in the DfT’s prime aims.  Arguments based on these will fall on deaf ears, as far as central Government grant-giving is concerned.

Queen St cycle trial

While  the county deliberates whether to trial cycling during the working day, Examples flood in from different parts of the country. Stirling uses the phrase ‘Share with Care’ to encourage considerate cycling. https://twitter.com/stirlingbiketr/status/715809099666092033

Cyclenation conference 19th Nov (next weekend)

St Albans Cycle Campaign is hosting the annual Cyclenation – Cycling UK Campaigners Conference on Saturday 19 November. This event brings together cycling planners and campaigners from around the UK to debate and discuss the opportunities and challenges of improving cycling facilities.

The conference is being held against the backdrop of local elections in May 2017 and the imminent publication of the Government’s long-awaited Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. It will include plenary sessions and workshops on a wide range of cycling, transport and health topics, to inform and inspire the growing movement for better cycling infrastructure and facilities.

The conference is at Dagnall Street Baptist Church, Upper Dagnall Street, St Albans AL3 5EE and runs from 11am to 6pm. Tickets cost £15.

And another thing

Bike training for adults

Several people have asked Cyclox for advice on how to get adult cycle training. It isn’t as easy as it should be. http://www.ctc-maps.org.uk/training/country/united_kingdom/oxfordshire has a list but Broken Spoke also have some information about local trainers. The Bikability website: https://bikeability.org.uk/find-a-course-provider/ allows a search for Oxfordshire. Members who would like to become trainers may wish to ask Cyclox for contacts.

Danny Yee on Pembroke St

Danny’s blog post about Pembroke St points out the missed opportunity to be a bit more radical, and hopes future initiatives will learn from this. http://wanderingdanny.com/oxford/2016/11/oxfords-pembroke-st-upgrade-a-lost-opportunity/



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