16 03 Cyclox Circular

Cyclox Circular
March 2016

What are Cyclox’ priorities for the next few years? Have your say…

The committee has developed a set of priorities, and our administrator Kath Cochrane has organised them into a coherent form, so now we want you to tell what you think.  The survey is at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VQNRJJ6

  •  There is a deadline of Friday 18th March for your replies so click that link now!
  • We will put a summary of your responses (anonymised of course) into the next newsletter.
  • The results will be discussed by the committee at the beginning of April which will inform our thinking.

Westgate warning – bike parking being removed during the work

The liaison officer for the contractors informed us that the bike racks down St Ebbes Street are being removed on 14th March. Simon Hunt and Susanna Pressel have asked why they need to be removed and sought reassurance that alternatives will be made available.
Dan Levy suggests wider publicity other than the notices might be a good idea including local radio and newspapers. Bikes on the racks when they are removed will be taken to Marsh Lane, but wd don’t know how long they will be held there. Nor do we know how long the racks will be absent for.

Cyclox anticipates a lot of bikes on iron railings in the vicinity.

Cyclox consultation on Access to Headington

Consultation on Traffic Regulation Orders closes 23rd March https://consultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk/consult.ti/Headington_TRO/consultationHomen

This is a consultation on theTraffic Regulation Orders. This presents the detailed plans that have been drawn up following the formal consultation.

In the Oxford Transport Strategy the B4495 is planned as a Cycle Super Route apart from two sections, along London Road and Windmill Road. It is important therefore to reflect back to the County Council the features of a Super Route. The different classes of routes are described in the OTS:

The key points that you might want to raise in your response are:

You may want to say something positive about the improved facilities for cyclists as this is a step change.

The plans do not yet meet the standards set for a Cycle Super Route. There is too much shared space with pedestrians at the expense of complete or semi-segregated cycle lanes. We note that shared space is 3 metres wide, but there is likely to be conflict between pedestrians and cyclists on a shared path. We would wish to see complete or semi-segregation as specified for a Cycle Super Route. Continuity is not always maintained.  This is particularly the case on Headley Way near the filling station on Cherwell Drive.

We welcome the removal of roundabouts and their replacement with traffic lights and signal controlled pedestrian and cycle crossings.

Junctions: We are concerned about the reduction in width of cycle lanes at at junctions with side roads.  Side road entry treatment with raised table and reduced corner radii is mentioned in the Oxford Transport Stragtegy. It does not appear that this requirement is met. We want to have reassurance that the crossings at junctions have priority for cyclists and pedestrians, and that there will not be a stop line across the cycle lane.

Opportunity for experimentation of semi-segregated cycle lanes. We feel that this would be a low cost option to test how semi-segregation would work. The Slade and Windmill Road would be routes to try this on. Cyclists feel safer in segregated or semi-segregated lane.

Old Road: We support the plans here but think there is need for more consideration of the access routes to the Old Road Campus.

Headley Way: Welcome removal of all car parking to enable free flow of traffic.

Calm yourself

This  video from Tokyo will put you in the right frame of mind for your hectic cycle commute. And enjoy hearing the same pros and cons on the other side of the world. player.vimeo.com/video/157120644

And while you are calm, here is a lovely example of Oxford imagination – bike trailers like you have never seen before!
Stig is a designer in Oxford and builds trailers:

Derbyshire police telling it like it is

Cyclox is developing its ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ leaflet in conjunction with the police and county council. Meanwhile, here is a good example of the police working for the safety of people cycling


New rail station options now narrowed to 3

Our main concern is access and bike parking – now there are apparently only 3 contenders it may be time to start pushing at consultations for more consideration for bicycle parking systems.



Highways agency gives cycling a thumbs up

This is surprisingly positive, from the agency responsible for Trunk Roads and thus thenmajor influence on most main road design.

And here is how Oxfordshire works out how to implement road development: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/sites/default/files/folders/documents/roadsandtransport/transportpoliciesandplans/highwaymanagementpolicy/oxfordcitystreetscenemanual.pdf