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Cyclox Circular March 2017

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Forthcoming Events

Oxford Cycle Film Competition 2017
We are launching a new Oxford Cycling Shorts Film Competition!  Thank you for your contributions last time.  Please enter again –we rely on you.
This time films need to be less than 3 minutes. There are four categories.  Each has £100 prize and the fourth / overall is £200, so £300 is possible.
Will Gompertz is again chief judge and the sponsors are also judges. Enter as many times as you like. The final rules and competition details are now on our website. Get out there and film!

  1. Oxford the hero
  2. Cycling to school / work
  3. Starting to cycle (or cycle again) in Oxford
  4. Overall by audience voting

OxPA meeting Town Hall Tues 28th March 7pm
OxPA warmly welcome other interested people to this talk on Oxford’s Air Quality – understanding and action. As cyclists we are constantly exposed to pollution from motor vehicles but can do more about it by using quieter roads and car-free areas. Hear how Oxford City plans to reduce pollution in all areas of Oxford.
Guest speaker: Mai Jarvis Environmental Team Manager Oxford City Council. If you want to be prepared, watch this programme from the BBC – the conclusion is that cyclists suffer less from air pollution than other road users.

Cyclenation National Conference go ahead November 10-11th Rose Hill Community Centre
Cyclox has now found a great venue and confirmed dates for our Cyclenation conference. The programme will soon be finalised but meanwhile put these dates in your diary. We will have something for everybody and plenty of time for your to have your say about cycle campaigning.

Space for Cycling gathering 22nd April
We are asking as many people as possible to support cycling by assembling outside County Hall in Oxford 22 April at 2pm, where we will invite local media to document the quantity of support and ask county council prospective candidates to support Space for Cycling.  Click here for more information. All additional support will add to the impact, the idea is to show a large number of potential voters are interested in cycling.  All you need to do is be outside County Hall at 2pm for about 30 minutes.

Cyclox events in 2017
More details to follow, but those in bold are our regular meetings at 7.30pm on Tuesdays in St Michael in the Northgate church hall.

28th March 7pm Town Hall OxPA meeting – Cyclox members welcome Air Quality in Oxford
22nd April 2pm from County Hall Campaign Ride Day linked to council elections, hustings etc
15th May nb Monday Graham Smith, Urban Designer “Cycling in new housing developments”
10th – 18th June BIKE WEEK
18th July 2017 “Individual travel behaviour: Why, where and how people travel” – Dr Eva Heinen, transport research scientist, see article below
19th September Cyclox Members’ Photo competition – show off your cycling photos
October 2017 date TBC Film competition winner announced and all films screened
10-11th November Cyclenation Conference in Oxford Rose Hill Community Centre
21st November Cyclox AGM


News and Reports

Strategic Cycle Network for Oxford
Oxfordshire Cycle Network launched a cycle strategy which we hope will be adopted by city and county. It is intended to be a simple-to-understand vision.  Robin Tucker, Chair of Oxfordshire Cycling Network, has led this process with lots of input from others. It’s been picked up by British Cycling and news reports by conventional media were full of it. Radio Oxford had a report: go 32 mins 32 secs into the recording.  BBC South carried a brief report on Monday and Robin was interviewed on JackFM too.
Robin presented it, along with reviewing funding for cycling, at our public meeting on Tuesday 21st March. We’ve timed it for the run-up to County elections, It will be like our survey of candidate’s pledges for cycling at the 2015 General Election.  Note our forthcoming campaign ride and publicity at County Hall on April 22nd at 2 p.m.

HGV driver training
Greg Woodford runs bike training for HGV drivers and recently brought his trainees into Oxford and was delighted to see so many cyclists but disappointed at the quality of the cycle infrastructure. James Larminie, one of our Cyclox Champions, caught the action!
Tom Reddy, Cyclox member and director of Earthline is a staunch supporter of Greg’s work and Cyclox extends our thanks to both for their enthusiastic work to improve HGV drivers’ awareness of cyclists.

Cyclox’ Rights and Responsibilities goes ‘mildly viral’
It started with committee member Jake Backus reporting on Facebook a discussion with a taxi driver when he had shown him the Rights and responsibilities leaflet. Soon we had hundreds of likes, prompting requests from police forces across the country, as well as other cycle groups and even a contrary letter in the Guardian newspaper which produced more interest. You can help by liking and sharing the link from our Facebook page.

The A34 to get a bike lane?
Robin Tucker heard from Highways England that they are interested in considering a cycle route by the A34 joining Oxon to Berks. That would be a great thing, and a very good investment from their cycling funds. Here’s how Baltimore would assess the idea.

Bicycle collision in Frideswide
It seems so far Frideswide has been a safe place for cyclists, but a recent incident and the ensuing comments show the problems with ambiguous road markings have not entirely gone away.

Think Bike at the Plain
There has been much discussion on quite why these signs have appeared now. The think bike signs maybe because the County noticing at slight increase in cycle accidents at the Cowley Rd entry to the Plain. Others say that the city council scrutiny committee was not prepared to wait any longer for them since the county was postponing them until a resurfacing in 2018. Regular users (James Dawton to be specific) report they have noticed an unexpected result of the central cycle lane east bound off Magdalen Bridge. Drivers heading for St Clements no longer just move left with the kerb, they now indicate left, as they think they are turning, which on the whole makes them more careful. Bus drivers do this too. He has even seen a bus stationary with its left indicator on, waiting for a gap in the (5.30 pm) long line of cyclists before he could turn left. Thanks, Rob Haynes for the photo.

Campaigns and Consultations

Cycle access and parking in the new Westgate
Councillors Louise Upton and Dick Wolff met with Cyclox to talk about the proposed Cycle Hub at new Westgate. Cyclox made the point that both the total number of spaces at New Westgate and their quality will be much poorer than the planning committee required when it consented.  If the Hub spaces (184) are excluded, the number of spaces available 24/7 to the public will be 494, fewer than half of the promised 1000.  Most of them are not covered, and none has been laid out for family cycling.  We urged the councillors that Josta gas-assist covered two-tier racks be installed wherever possible.  We pressed the councillors to remedy the glaring deficiency that will confront new Westgate users this October unless immediate action is taken. Bob Price was under the impression that 1000 spaces will be provided, and no doubt the other members of the planning committee at the time of consenting would want to know. As a separate issue, Cyclox also believes that the quality of cycle lanes and tracks on Thames Street when the hoardings come down will be third-rate.  Graham Smith has been taking this up with Sue Halliwell, and some minor amendments have been agreed.  But the southern approaches to New Westgate will still be wholly unsatisfactory, and a deterrent to potential cycle users.

Eynsham A40 bus lane consultation
Committee member Dan Levy put our response together – here is the summary of the responses to the consultation. Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet is being asked to agree to invest a total of £3.191m of development funding towards progressing the design of the A40 park & ride and bus lane scheme at Cabinet on 21st February 2017. If funding for the next stage of the project is agreed by Cabinet, the comments received during the consultation will be considered further during the design process. However, looking at the minutes of that meeting, no decision seems to have been made yet.

And another thing

Good ideas for bike parking
We continue to encourage the city to install user friendly bike stands. Sustrans have an excellent guide to this and Cambridge have produced their own version.
If your area has a suitable on-road space, it may be your local councillor could be persuaded to support this sort of initiative as seen in Lambeth, among other places.

Cycling UK Oxfordshire new website
Robin Tucker announces the new website for our local (ex CTC) Cycling UK branch.

It’s all in the attitude
Hard to imagine a joined-up approach to maintaining cycle flow in the UK, but Denmark makes it feel natural and easy. But there are some hopeful signs – here is a website that tells you which buses will let you take your bike.

Cycling in Cheshire
Cheshire East local authority have a clear and impressive cycling strategy. Perhaps the acknowledgement holds the key – it thanks local cyclists for their input in developing the strategy! More encouragement for our local councillors.

Things you can only do when cycling
This fun short video points out some cycle behaviours don’t translate into the office environment.


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