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November 2017, Cyclox Circular Conference Special

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National Cycling Conference in Oxford 2 weeks away!

Cyclenation-CyclingUK Autumn Conference, 10th and 11th November 2017 (Friday and Saturday) Rose Hill Community Centre and Cheney School, Oxford, 2017

Coffee and tea, biscuits, vegetarian lunch on both days included in registration fee.

All Cyclox members are warmly invited to this event, with a wide variety of speakers, including

Yvonne Constance, Director of Transport, Oxfordshire County Council

Jean Fooks, Oxford City Mayor and keen cycle advocate

Roger Geffen MBE, Cycling UK Policy director

Andrew Gilligan, Sunday Times journalist and former TfL cycling czar

Sir Muir Gray, public health doctor, author of ‘Sod Seventy’ and founder of Better Value Health Care

Ian Hudspeth, leader of Oxfordshire County Council

Phil Jones, consultant on Botley Road Cycle Super route

Lynn Sloman, director of Transport for Quality of Life, author of ‘Car Sick’

Registration is easy and we have done our best to keep the cost down- and there is free food! In addition, we are looking for perhaps a dozen helpers during the conference. If you would like to consider this we can offer a reduction in entry fee – contact our co-ordinator Kath Cochrane or reply to this newsletter for more details.

CYCLOX AGM 28th November 7.30pm St Michael’s in the Northgate

We are pleased to announce that local transport policy expert and emeritus Reader in Transport Planning at Brookes and Reading Universities, Peter Headicar, will be our guest speaker after the (efficient and brief) business of the AGM.


Campaigns and Consultations


Westgate opens to outcry on inadequate cycle parking

That feeling of frustration familiar to cycle campaigners everywhere swept over Oxford cyclists this week as the much-feared outcome proved to be correct – there is far less bike parking provision than promised and the spaces are often poorly sited. Simon Hunt has written on behalf of Cyclox: “Only 3% of the promised 1000 net extra cycle parking spaces have been installed at New Westgate.  There are no cycle parking spaces in convenient locations – none at all.  The developer has run rings around the planning authorities and has breached their planning conditions. It is the City Council’s obligation now to enforce provision of 972 extra cycle parking spaces.

When construction started in 2015, at least 142 cycle parking spaces at Westgate were removed.  28 were relocated nearby.

On opening day, 24 October 2017, 142 new cycle parking spaces have been installed at/near New Westgate.  All are in inconvenient locations around the back, some still behind construction barriers. All are uncovered, open to the rain.  None is near the John Lewis front entrance, which is the honeypot for the whole development.  There is no cycle “Hub”, planned to contain a cycle repair shop with 180 spaces.  There are no spaces near the main entrance from Bonn Square, nor at Turn Again Lane. Here is a map with where the parking is currently and photos of the current installations. 

Cyclox’ full statement is here. And if the Westgate Alliance website is to be believed the Cycle Hub will only be available to people willing to pay a £20 annual subscription. Cllr Craig Simmons and Mayor Jean Fooks have both promised to enquire into the situation.


Compare with Copenhagen:


Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone Proposal

Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council are proposing to introduce the world’s first Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) in Oxford city centre. The proposal, to tackle illegally high levels of nitrogen dioxide in parts of the city and other pollutants, would see a phased introduction of the ZEZ over time. You can find out more by watching this two minute video. Oxford City Council have opened a consultation on the proposal, and would like to hear your views and how the proposal might affect you or your organisation (consultation open until 26 November).

News and Reports


Claudia Charter

Claudia’s Charter has been developed by members of Cyclox, Broken Spoke, Oxfordshire Cycle Network and Councillor Louise Upton and has now been formally adopted by the county council. We understand that the inquest has concluded that the bus driver is not at fault but that the road layout allows vehicles to be too close to cyclists for safety. Cyclox has been working on a linked Action Plan to identify the achievable goals arising from the charter. The charter will be launched on 9th November.


Botley Road £5m grant

Cyclox is delighted that the county council has secured a grant of £5m to create the first Oxford Cycle Super Route. Well done to Martin Kraftl, senior county planner and his team for winning the competitive bid from DfT. It will run from Binsey Lane to Eynsham Road in Botley. It is a sad coincidence that this route includes where Claudia Comberti was killed and where two cyclists were in a collision with a car at the Waitrose junction this week – a junction Cyclox complained about when it was created.

George St Junction

At long last the county has installed a protective island in front of the teardrop refuge which cyclists use when going straight on from Hythe Bridge St. It is combined with a ‘no right turn’ sign in George St, though members have reported vehicles ignoring that and squeezing past the island.

People using it have been positive though they also asked why it has taken 2 years to achieve.



And another thing

The future is in London

If you need help imagining the Botley Road with its Super Route, this video is the answer. London’s segregated routes have transformed commuting for thousands of cyclists. About 20 cars (who have about 50% of the street width), 30 pedestrians and 100 bikes pass in the 39 seconds of the clip.


Please help! – Bike Accident Survey

Oxford City Council would like data on Highway Incidents involving cyclists over the last 2 years.  One important reason for this survey is to generate data to support funding applications for highway repairs.  If you have had an accident on your bike, related to the surface condition of the road, and have not yet reported it here, we would very much appreciate it if you could take the short time to complete the questionnaire.  Please do also forward this email if you know of someone who has had a bike accident.

The survey closes on Sunday 5th November

Rose Hill Community Promotes Cycling

Rose Hill And Iffley Low Carbon are holding an open meeting on Wed 1st Nov at 7.30 pm at Rose Hill Community Centre. They want to promote cycling in the area and plan to show two short films shot in Rose Hill about cycling.

Ofo and Pony bike hire

Views differ on this innovative development. One Cyclox member writes: “I’m surprised by the negative comments. I own two bikes and cycle every day, and still find Ofo incredibly useful. If I am walking friends or family somewhere but then want to cycle home, I can use Ofo. Or if I want to go shopping and ride a bike one way and then take the bus home, Ofo is perfect. I’ve had no trouble with the app. For cycling to really take hold on Oxford, we need more cycles, and we need cyclists of all shapes and sizes cycling all the time. More Ofo=more bike trips. I love it.

Volunteers wanted – to paint bike lanes at night?

Brazilian cycle campaigners took matters into their own hands and got public opinion on their side with a range of radical protests.


Bike theft on the increase

The graph shows a recent increase in bike theft in Oxford (the red line with blobs on – the other red line is shoplifting). Cyclox was asked to explain this, but apart from increasing poverty it is difficult to offer a reason. It averages at 6 bikes a day, though it is still less than 2012.

Our advice is

  1. Cycle theft in Oxford is common: there was a big increase in 2016-7.  It’s well worth taking simple preventive measures
  2. Lock your cycleeverytime you leave it in a public place, using a good D-lock or a strong chain.  More valuable bikes need stronger protection.
  3. Registeryour bike to help recover it if it’s stolen
  4. Park within sight of a CCTV camera, if there is one.
  5. Report any theft, either at a police station oronline


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