17 01 Cyclox Circular

Cyclox Circular January 2017

Forthcoming Events

Joint Winter warmer 31st January 17 7.30pm

Each year we hold a joint meeting with Oxford Civic Society and OxPA to consider our policy differences and similarities. There are still 3-4 places so if you want to come, let Kath know. Email kath.cochrane2@gmail.com

Broken Spoke Women and Bicycles Festival

 Women & Bicycles, an Oxford-based cycling festival is being organised by Broken Spoke (Oxford’s community bike workshop) and The Adventure Syndicate (a collective of extraordinary cyclists who all happen to be women). The 2-day event will celebrate the many wonderful ways in which women and bicycles are changing the world with a glittering cast of speakers, including cycling celebrities and up-and-coming heroes.


News and Reports

When is a road user not a road user?

Cyclox coordinator Kath Cochrane has written an On Yer Bike column about Chris Grayling’s apparent exclusion of cyclists as road users. Unfortunately Oxford Mail are slow to get the articles on their website – go to http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/ and put On Yer Bike in the search box – but it is a reason for buying the Tuesday Oxford Mail.

Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit

The TSU has regular presentations on all aspects of transport and is free to the public to attend. We have a link to them on our website: http://www.cyclox.org/supporting-our-members/

Cyclox Facebook page – over 700 likes

Our fanpage now has lots of topical issues – visit https://www.facebook.com/Cycloxfanpage/

Cycle counters in Manchester and Cambridge

Showing other road users how many cyclists have passed a particular spot seems a good way to encourage people to think about modal shift. We think Magdalen Bridge would be a good site.



Cycling and walking strategy – still no money

Cyclox was impressed and pleased that our local MP Andrew Smith was very supportive of cycling in the debate on road safety. Cyclox committee member Oly Shipp wrote to him: The Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) required by the Infrastructure Act of February 2015 is falling well behind schedule.  Funding for it was nowhere to be heard in the Chancellor’s recent Autumn Statement.  The milestones for the governance and funding of CWIS were specified one year ago in “Setting the First Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy”.  We can find no evidence that they are being met.   Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge, recently asked Parliamentary Question 57881 about the publication date for CWIS.  The reply by Andrew Jones, the under-Secretary of State for Transport, was, in summary: shortly, but unable to specify a precise time.  This is entirely unsatisfactory.  We would be grateful if you would address the apparent side-lining of CWIS, whenever the next Parliamentary opportunity might arise.


Campaigns and Consultations


A40 consultation

Cycling UK right to ride rep (and Cyclox committee member) James Dawton has produced the attached response on behalf of Cycling UK and Cyclox committee member Graham Smith has written on behalf of Cyclox http://www.cyclox.org/improving-cycling-infrastructure/g-a40-and-the-eynsham-park-and-ride/

Cycling in Queen Street

We reported on the conflicted state our politicians are in: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-38384761 . Cyclox Chair Simon Hunt argues for cycling in Queen St. http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/15008708.Cyclists_demand_shared_space_with_pedestrians_in_Queen_Street/?ref=mr&lp=18

And another thing

Compare and Contrast – encouraging city visits by bike

Committee member Jake Backus asks: “Does Oxford have a Visit Oxford by Bike website?”  The best he could find was http://www.oxfordcityguide.com/ee2/index.php?/TouristInfo/tours_cats/C151/  but it is not visible from the main Oxford City page and doesn’t compare with this one for Muenster: http://www.stadt-muenster.de/english/transport/bicycles.html though the traffic violations are an eye-opener. Jake modestly offers his prize-winning short film as encouragement – see our Cyclox web site: www.cyclox.org/

A new take on cargo bikes

Oxford cyclists have a way to go to reach these levels of ingenuity when it comes to carrying livestock. Pedal and post take note!http://artpropelled.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/goats-on-bicycles-in-africa.html

Strategic Road Network – why can’t all roads be like them?

Generally Cyclox policy is to reduce car use and the road space given over to cars. The latest guidance on cycle provision along our national Strategic Road Network requires such high standards of cycle track provision that it puts ordinary cycle lanes in the shade and makes you wish more of our roads were part of the SRN. http://tinyurl.com/cycling-on-SRNs  gives a link to the first of 3 blogs from Mark Treasure which describes the mandated standards. For us locally it seems only the A34 is part of the SRN, but that should require the route from South Hinksey to Botley to be significantly improved – one day when repairs are undertaken.

Heart in mouth time

This Channel 4 report on cycling in London is unnerving to watch but informative and ultimately optimistic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsB2Samh8og. Cyclox understands Oxfordshire police will be running the ‘Close Pass’ campaign which has had success in changing driver behaviour. http://road.cc/content/news/215826-close-pass-policing-could-be-rolled-out-16-forces-yours-one


In last month’s newsletter we suggested that the USA were allowing cyclists to go through red lights – in fact, as Athene Reiss points out, this is about going through stop signs rather than traffic lights. Thank you.



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