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Forthcoming Events

Visit to mini-Holland

We are organising a Cycle Safari to the Waltham Forest Mini Holland scheme on Saturday 24th February. We will be looking at the infrastructure but also learning from how they worked with the council and how they generated public support for the scheme.

Waltham Forest received a large TfL grant for cycling and walking improvements.  There might be a place still for Cyclox members if you want to come. Please email Kath Cochrane if you would like a place.

Public Meetings in 2018

We are making progress with our plans for talks during 2018. The exact dates and venues may change and some speakers may not be available so the following list is only provisional. Members and non-members are welcome. Refreshments are available.

  • February 24th Bike Safari to Mini Holland scheme Waltham
  • March 23rd Rose Hill & Iffley Low Carbon Rose Hill community centre – campaign for safer cycling in Rose Hill and Iffley
  • April 17th The Claudia Charter Broken Spoke
  • May 15th Rose Hill & Iffley Low Carbon, Rose Hill community centre E-bike try-out
  • June Headington Festival Cyclox Stall
  • August Elder Stubbs Festival Cyclox Stall
  • September Discussion with Planning Dept,  Oxfordshire County Council
  • October Celebration of Women and Cycling
  • November 20th AGM

December Green Fair Oxford Town Hall Cyclox Stall

Rose Hill safe cycle routes

East Oxford MP Anneliese Dodds will outline her vision for a low carbon society at a meeting on Friday March 23rd (7.30 pm at Rose Hill Community Centre). One of the issues they’ll be raising most strongly is the need for a segregated, continuous cycle network in Oxford. If you haven’t signed the petition, please do so now. It would be great to reach 1000 signatures and they’re just short of 900 at the moment.

Abingdon Cycle Festival – 22nd April 2018

Based in Abingdon Market Square until 13:00 then Dalton Barracks Airfield in the afternoon this one-day festival will feature:

  • Eighteen (free) rides, each with a leader & sweeper, leaving between09:00 and 11:00
  • 10 road bike rides of 10-50 miles and at different paces
  • 4 off-road (MTB) rides of 10-20 miles, mellow to medium-quick
  • 4 family rides of 5 miles on local and National Cycle Network cycle paths / quiet lanes
  • Live Music, Stands featuring local cycle shops and organisations, Food stalls and pop-up bar, Bike races at the airfield

News and Reports

Is our transport spending in need of adjustment?

Roger Geffen, Policy Director at Cycling UK writes on the debate over the current plans for huge spending on the strategic road network: “The main point of both the Cycling UK response and the joint NGO response (coordinated by Campaign for Better Transport, which has been co-signed by the likes of Sustrans, CPRE, FoE etc) is that the Government needs to substantially rebalance overall transport spending.  Far too much of our national transport spending is going into both new-build and maintenance of the Strategic Road Network (which are exacerbating urban congestion, pollution, physical inactivity), and far too little is going into local sustainable transport solutions (which might tackle those problems), or indeed into maintaining local roads and streets (where people walk and cycle).

What’s even more alarming is that annual capital spending on the SRN is set to increase sharply (from £40 per person in England outside London in 2016/17, to £84 per person in 2020/21, and the threat of a further doubling in the next Roads Investment Strategy period post 2021).  Meanwhile the Government’s annual investment in its Cycling and Walking ‘Investment’ Strategy is set to nosedive over the same period (from £2.07 per person outside London to just 72p).

Bike clearing is not a myth

Spotted in Broad St, a good example of what your city council is doing for cyclists. Abandoned bikes in the constantly overfull bike racks along Magdalen St East had been tagged and were now being removed. The lorry was so full they were going to come back for more. Thank you, city council.

Snow clearance in Sweden

Following our exchange with the county council, we learn that Cambridge does have a cycle path snow clearing machine. This report shows that some countries (admittedly with more predictable snowfall than us) do prioritise pedestrians and cyclists and leave the cars until later. They justify  this on a social and gender equity basis – most cars are driven by middle class working age men, most users of pavements and cycle tracks are women, children and older people.

Manchester’s bid for active travel

As always Chris Boardman puts the persuasive argument for investing in cycling and walking. Wisely he emphasises that concentrating on making routes safe is not in itself enough to get people on their bikes, they must be attractive and efficient too.

Campaigns and Consultations

Pavement Parking

Cyclox has identified pavement parking as a campaign priority for this year. We feel it is further evidence of the dominance of the car and often the cycle lane is used as a legitimate parking place for the half of the vehicle not on the pavement, since the space is only used by cycles so won’t inconvenience car or van drivers. OxPA have been campaigning on this for many years and the City Council supports people using their stickers, indeed we think you can get the stickers from the Town Hall on the ground floor to the right of the stairs among the various information leaflets.

A40 bus lane proposal

The technical notes for this proposal now available and the road safety audit seem to have ignored cycling entirely. Cyclox has written to ask what action the county will take to remedy this revealing oversight.

And another thing

The future is here, just not evenly distributed

Odd snippets of good news for the new year. It would appear that fewer young people are driving in the UK. In anecdotal evidence from Germany – if you deliver your child to school by car you should expect to receive a call from the Headteacher asking why your child did not walk or cycle to school that day. Comments after our On Yer Bike article and on our Facebook page point out the practical difficulties for some parents and the Daily Mirror offered this contrary view. Jesse Norman visited Seville to see how they had achieved a huge increase in cycle journeys ‘almost overnight’.

Compare and contrast

As Graham Smith (who provided the photos) says: : I would observe that most people in charge of motor vehicles choose to ignore this [Highway Code] Rule. In congested traffic and with many narrow roads the implication is that drivers must not overtake people cycling. Cyclox’ recent OYB article sums up the situation.

Paint your own road

Advocates of direct action suggest highlighting frankly unsafe cycle infrastructure with this emotive sign. We think it is illegal to paint signs in this way so don’t recommend it, but it is a powerful image.

Points mean … punishment

There is a parliamentary petition running proposing that drivers with points should have their car fitted with a black box recorder which has been shown to improve driver behaviour.


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