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Cyclox Circular November 2013


Cyclox AGM with Philip Darnton keynote speech: Can We Get Britain Cycling?

7.30pm Thursday 21st November at St Michaels at the Northgate, Cornmarket St All welcome, free, refreshments

We are proud to announce that Philip Darnton, OBE, Executive Director and Former Chairman of the Bicycle Association of Great Britain and Former Chairman of Cycling England will be giving our AGM talk. Philip is an inspiring speaker who admits he is not an experienced cyclist but who believes strongly in the importance of cycling for our country’s wellbeing.


Joint meeting with OxPA

7pm on Tuesday November 26th St Aldates Room, Oxford Town Hall

Peter Headicar of Brookes University will speak on “A Vision for a Sustainable City”   It will be a illustrated presentation.


46,000 miles and 61 countries later

7.30pm Wednesday, 4th December at St Michaels at the Northgate, Cornmarket St All welcome, free, refreshments
Matt Blake who has just returned from cycling across the USA will talk and sign copies of his book “I’ll be home just after Christmas: Stories from four years around the world on a bicycle” http://www.worldwidebikeride.com/ This will be followed by the Cyclox Christmas Social – a chance to chat with the committee and members about cycling issues.

Good and bad news for cyclists in Oxford

Geraint Jones points out that Broad St will be closed to cyclists for 17 of the 50 days until Christmas, with no viable alternative route and therefore no diversion signs to cyclists. Members may wish to point out to their local councillorhttp://mycouncil.oxford.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1 the need to consider cyclists.

While a bit early to celebrate since it is still a building site, the bike parking facility in Penny Farthing Lane (behind Robert Dyas) has been transformed from butterfly stands (affectionately known as wheelbenders) to Sheffield stands – with a smart Perspex roof which would not look out of place in a Dutch suburb. And uniquely in the city, the stands are over a metre apart so easy to get into.

Car drivers and cyclists

While Cyclox disapproves of animosity between different road users, this is a witty and informative explanation of the psychology behind drivers hating cyclists. Worth watching and re-watching. There is also a handy transcript. http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/3857163.htm Meanwhile Derbyshire police offer this advice to drivers which in the main has a sensible ring to it.http://www.derbyshire.police.uk/Safety-advice/Road-Safety/Cyclists.aspx


Cyclox member wins hill climbing championship

Cyclox can claim a national cycling champion as one of its members – Congratulations to long term member Tejvan Pettinger who has won gold at the national hill climbing championships – climbing 2.3 miles in under 8 minutes – in places nearly 1:5 gradient.



Happy cyclists

Sue Rowe found this article which finds a link between walking or cycling to work and your level of happiness. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/nov/01/secrets-worlds-happiest-cities-commute-property-prices



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