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Cyclox Circular September 13


All Cyclox meetings 7.30pm Thursdays at St Michaels at the Northgate, Cornmarket St All welcome, free, refreshments

Plain Speaking: Designing a cycle-friendly roundabout in Oxford

Thursday October 17th

This busy 5-way roundabout is the main route between East Oxford and the city centre and it can be daunting for less-confident cyclists. This meeting is an opportunity for cyclists to voice their difficulties with The Plain, to hear the planners’ view of the problem and for all parties to look at solutions.

We want to know what you think about the problem and the possible solutions. 

Background reading- http://www.cyclox.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/TAL-9-97-Cyclists-at-roundabouts-continental-design-geometry.pdf

Cyclox AGM with Philip Darnton keynote speech: Can We Get Britain Cycling?

Thursday 21st November

We are proud to announce that Philip Darnton, OBE, Executive Director and Former Chairman of the Bicycle Association of Great Britain and Former Chairman of Cycling England will be giving our AGM talk. Philip is an inspiring speaker who admits he is not an experienced cyclist but who believes strongly in the importance of cycling for our country’s wellbeing.


46,000 miles and 61 countries later

Wednesday, 5th December
Matt Blake who has just returned from cycling across the USA will talk and sign copies of his book “I’ll be home just after Christmas: Stories from four years around the world on a bicyclehttp://www.worldwidebikeride.com/ This will be followed by the Cyclox Christmas Social – a chance to chat with the committee and members about cycling issues.



Oxford Brookes meeting: The future of personal mobility

Wednesday 2nd October  6pm

Main Lecture Theatre, Brookes Headington Campus

Professor Allan Hutchinson presents and leads a panel discussion The future of personal mobility

The total of land transport miles travelled in the UK in 2010 was around 500 million, double that of 1970. How will the future of mobility be affected by technology, government, urbanization, sustainability and by energy?


Green Fair

Saturday 7th December

Oxford Town Hall

This is a vibrant occasion and the Cyclox stall is a great place to talk about cycling issues and sell small items for Christmas stockings. If you would like to be part of the crew on the stall (no experience necessary) go to www.mysignup.com/cyclox_green_fair_2013 and put your name down for a shift.


Open Doors weekend held by Oxford Preservation Trust. Ruth Davies and Sue Rowe with Simon Hunt as sweeper led 20 riders on a 10 mile ride round Oxford with 18 information stops where fascinating nuggets of information about THAT William Morris (not the wallpaper one) were disseminated Here it is: http://gb.mapometer.com/cycling/route_3642864.html.

Consulting on Headington Roundabout

Cyclox vice chair Richard Mann met with the county engineer on site to discuss the options for cyclists coming into Headington from the roundabout. Though not a formal proposal yet, the County – after pressure from Cyclox, other groups and the local councillor Roz Smith – are drawing up a plan for a reasonable pavement route along London Road, from Green Road roundabout to Gladstone Road, filling the missing gap, and including a good width around and behind the new bus stop.

And still in Headington

Committee member Sue Rowe reports on the Cyclox meeting on the Oxford Hire Bike scheme last week:

“The hire bikes now stationed all over Headington are NOTHING like Boris bikes. They are seriously much better. We got to have a close look at one and ride one around the room at the Cyclox meeting last night.

  • They don’t have a chain (something about a drive shaft?).
  • They have a GPS which is integral to the bike – you can’t remove it.
  • They don’t have docking stations – you just leave them near to the bike racks
  • They are free for half an hour, £1 for an hour – they are designed for short-distance use (after 6 hours you get stung for £30)
  • They seem like a decent ride and look vaguely stylish

I’m going to have to try one out on the road.

You have to register your details online – www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/oxonbike  I’ve just done it. It took me 3 minutes and cost £1. I now have a Access Code which I can plug into a bike.

Other good things:

  • You can find out how many bikes there are at each of the 7 racks – I can see on my laptop that there are 6 bikes available at Thornhill Park and Ride. (you can get it up on your phone of course)
  • Kevin and Honour of Bainton Bikes are completely organised re logistics/repairs/support.
  • There is a new cycle path from the P and R towards town and signed routes to the other 6 places.“

Ox County Council motion “…encourage more cycling to replace car journeys…”

Congratulations to Councillors Jean Foulkes and Susanna Pressell who proposed a motion requiring the County Council to seek every opportunity to improve cycling (my interpretation) – it was passed unopposed.

Council notes that many Oxfordshire roads suffer from congestion, which causes serious delays and inflicts pollution on residents. As one of the best and simplest ways to reduce congestion would be to encourage more cycling to replace car journeys where possible, also bringing health benefits to the cyclists, Council calls upon the Cabinet to consider the following: Council calls upon the Cabinet to support this aim of encouraging cycling and to consider the following (subject to sufficient finances or funding streams being available or identified):

(a) that a high quality bid is submitted every time the government, the EU or other organisations make money available for cycling measures;

(b) whether to require cycle-friendly measures to be incorporated into all new road schemes and new housing developments;

(c) whether to draw up and consult on a new Cycling Strategy, to be appended to the LTP, which will work closely with partners

The bicycle past…

Carlton Reid is writing a book about the early history of cycling. His research has uncovered a huge range of fascinating facts, recorded here: http://www.roadswerenotbuiltforcars.com/about/ and for more nostalgia watch a Pathe report on cycling in Oxford in 1950. Where did those cut-glass accents go to?http://www.britishpathe.com/video/town-of-cycles/

and future…

Cyclox members who use their bikes to transport anything they can will approve of the imaginative approach of TfL in looking at the role of bicycles for carrying freight. The table on page 34 rates potential uses from fishing and mining to health and social work.http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/businessandpartners/cycle-as-freight-may-2009.pdf

Cyclox Membership Benefits

Cyclox is grateful to the local bike shops who offer a discount to Cyclox members which repays the cost of membership very quickly. Please let Cyclox know you find a shop that would like to join this scheme, or if there are problems with the discount not being offered at our existing supporters,.

Cyclox members are also offered 10% discount when renting a holiday cottage in mid-Wales run by a friend of a member who wants to encourage sustainable transport. The cottage is near to a railway station. http://serenloft.co.uk/ – quote Cyclox13.

Members may also like to know that membership of CTC gives them legal support to claim compensation if they are involved in a collision, and London Cycle Campaign gives third party insurance if you are liable for damages when cycling.



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