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Cyclox Circular August 2014

Elder Stubbs Fair 17th August
Cyclox will be holding a stall again at this characterful fair on the allotments in Florence Park. Do say hello – and members can collect a slapband from us. We have several volunteers to staff the stall, but if you think it is something you would enjoy (and it is great fun) come along and introduce yourself to the members and talk about how you might join in.

Oxford Open Doors – Cyclox offers a ride for the 3rd year  Sunday 14th September
Cyclox will be leading a World War I commemorative ride on for Oxford Open Doors weekend. Details on their website http://www.oxfordopendoors.org.uk/

Cyclox September Open meeting  Tuesday September 16th 7.30pm  St Michael’s at the Northgate, Cornmarket, Oxford OX1 3EY  All welcome, free entry, refreshments 
Well-known cycle commentator Carlton Reid will talk about his book ‘Roads Were Not Built For Cars’ Cycling’s role in highway history was consciously downgraded – and, in some cases, deliberately deleted – when the bicycle morphed from the vehicle of rich transport progressives in the 1890s to “poor man’s transport” in the 1930s. It’s time that Victorian cyclists were given credit for what they helped bring about. Some became ardent motorists and were all too happy to forget their cycling roots, but many of the other motor pioneers continued cycling, and celebrated the shared links between transport modes that are now deemed to be worlds apart. One of those motor pioneers, well known in Oxford, and about whom Carlton will reveal interesting details in his talk, is William Morris, the bicycle shop owner who became Britain’s first motor magnate.

Frideswide Square
Cyclox remains anxious that cycling in front of the railway station will be difficult as a result of the poor design and use of shared space for cyclists and pedestrians which will risk causing conflict.  https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/oxford-station-and-frideswide-square and www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/travelchoices

Local Transport Plan
Cyclox has responded to the early stages of this important strategic process – attached. Comments welcome.

Cyclox keeps up the pressure on Westgate
www.oxfordwestend.co.uk/PageRender/oxfordwestend/RailwayStation.htm Like some superhero, Cyclox has tried to be everywhere at once on this project. We are concerned that without better design  Oxford cyclists hugely both by being a challenge to navigate round and a difficult place to visit by bike.

Website improvements
We are sorry that the website has given some problems lately. Danny Yee has been working hard to get things tidied up, and asks if there are any WordPress gurus to help him.

Warneford Meadow – people power
Cyclox and others have pressed for permission to cycle across Warneford Meadow. Enough people put in to the Consultation that they would like this facility and the University have said they are going to ask the Council for it – providing the money themselves as part of this development. Apparently Craig Rossington didn’t realize there was such a demand for it!

Disappearing cycle tracks
One member points out the many places where summer vegetation has narrowed the cycle lanes to such an extent that they are unrideable. Cyclox would value more examples of this to take to the county council to point out that their duty to maintain the road in a safe state applies to cyclists as well as cars. When the council were asked, their reply was: “At present, there is no funding available for the maintenance of vegetation. Options to carry out this kind of work are being looked into.“

John Tanner’s request for (more) ideas on how to spend the £300k on cycling got a good response from Cyclox members – thank you
In fact John Tanner replied to one member and gave the following assurances: The City Council will improve the canal towpath near Aristotle Lane (£72K), resurface Willow Walk in west Oxford (£72K) and contribute to the County scheme to make cycling safer at The Plain (£50K).  The City will also put additional money into a revamped Frideswide Square with significant improvements for cyclists.  Attached is the list of ideas we sent him and here is our New York correspondent’s example of what we should be aiming for: http://transalt.org/files/news/streetbeat/2010/Oct/images/1014_lead.jpg and though a seven lane one way street isn’t a common feature in Oxfordshire, it does show the sort of respect for cycling space that is also vanishingly rare.

Oxford Civic Society chair Peter Thompson found what our politicians are thinking
In what feels a novel development the Commons Transport committee calls for fewer cycle casualties AND more cyclists on the roads. Most local authorities equate safe cycling with no cycles on the roads so this is refreshing: http://theconversation.com/buying-cyclists-safety-will-cost-more-than-10-per-head-29417

Richard Mann’s thoughts on improving transport efficiency
Richard writes: Oxford’s buses are excellent – for getting to the city centre. Based on the inner cordon counts, over 40% of journeys into central Oxford are by bus. Buses run at least every five minutes on all the main corridors. But …  More at:  http://www.transportparadise.co.uk/2014/05/an-excellent-bus-network/

Danny Yee comments on the Broad St
The Plain is being rebuilt and ambitious plans to redesign St Giles have been floated, but for me the most obvious redevelopment for central Oxford, the one that will cost the least and deliver the most, is Broad St. All that is basically needed is to remove the car parking, remove the kerbs and resurface the entire area, drop the speed limit to 10mph and perhaps time-restrict access, and Oxford could have a showpiece central square.  http://wanderingdanny.com/oxford/2014/05/making-oxfords-broad-st-a-central-square/

The Times’ Cities Fit for Cycling campaign
The Times is calling on the government to invest more in cycling to help improve safety, limit congestion, boost public health and reduce pollution. Whether you have been cycling for six days or 60 years, they want to hear from you with a view to potentially being part of a film.

Broken Spoke 2nd anniversary party 5th September
Broken Spoke are unique in their fresh approach to encouraging cycling in Oxford offering training and equipment in a friendly and supportive environment.




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