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Cyclox Circular February 2014


Cyclox February meeting – all welcome Promoting Cycling in Oxford – workshop Tuesday 25 February 6 – 8pm

Part of Oxford Brookes Transport Day

Buckley Building BG11, Oxford Brookes, Gipsy Lane, OX3 0BP

All welcome, free refreshments

Cyclox will be facilitating a two-hour discussion on how to increase cycling in Oxford.We are looking for creative ideas!

Help us

  • Write adverts for the back of buses
  • Compose catchy slogans for bike seat covers
  • Identify problem areas
  • Work out what else Brookes and Cyclox can do

Register here: http://www.brookes.ac.uk/about-brookes/events/


Another chance to win prizes by creating a car bumper sticker

Because of the large number of good entries, the competition will be repeated.  The criteria this time will include the additional requirement of originality, i.e. your phrase does not come up on a Google search.  Unsuccessful original entries that got at least one vote from the judges last time will be re-included automatically.  Again there will be prizes for the winning three.  For inspiration (but not copying!) seehttp://tinyurl.com/stickr.


Joint meeting with OxPA

OxPA have invited David Nimmo-Smith County head of transport on Tuesday April 22nd to an OxPA meeting at 7pm in the Town Hall to discuss the subject “A future for Transport in Oxford”. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage the most influential county officer and hear his views on active travel. All members welcome.


A future Gladstone

Ever wanted to stand on a Soapbox and tell the world what you think? Now’s your chance. Cyclox have been invited, along with many other arts and social organisations in the city, to have a half hour (or an hour if we have enough people) slot on a Soapbox in the city centre on 1st May.

The event will run for 12 hours but I have asked for an afternoon slot. So, I’m looking for 6-12 volunteers to be prepared to stand up for just 5 minutes and say, or sing,  something original, radical or just ear catching; preferably about cycling, to an assembled throng as part of the Oxford May Day celebrations.

If you think you might like to join in, please contact Cecilia ceciliafryis@gmail.comCome on – be famous for 5 minutes!


Cyclox helpers

We are delighted that Kathryn McNichols has kindly offered to help as our stalls co-ordinator. Hopefully in addition to our regular stalls at fairs etc we will be able to hold some in Summertown and Cornmarket to engage the public in discussion about cycling.

We would also like to ask our members for someone to help serving refreshmentsat our meetings. At present Ruth Davis is doing this as well as managing the front of house, welcoming people as they arrive, etc. The job would be very informal and simply consist of handing round the snacks and drinks for people at the start of our meetings. More details from Ruth – harefields@hotmail.com

We are also looking for a member who might offer some editorial skills to develop our media profile. More details from Simon contact@cyclox.org

Improvements to the Plain roundabout

There will be a County Council Cabinet Member for Environment Decisions meeting on 27 March to seek approval for detailed design and construction for the scheme. While we wait to hear what the proposals will say, two developments are being considered already, which seems to put the cart before the horse.

Left turn into Longwalls going east on High Street

The County planners want to remove the left turn at Longwalls to allow longer phases for pedestrians. They claim it is not much used, which may be true, but as Richard Mann says, they could produce a shared space to allow cyclists to turn. The good news is that in response to Cyclox’ representations there will be a shared crossing for cyclists turning left.

Loading bays around the Plain roundabout

There is a consultation to allow loading in the daytime at the two existing laybys on the Plain roundabout, which Graham Smith points out may well make the cycle lanes unsafe.

Nicola Blackwood MP and cycling

After members of the Cyclox committee met with our local MP, she seems to have taken an interest in the wellbeing of cyclists – her recent flyer asked for householder’s opinion on the benefits of cycle routes linking local areas.

Cyclox Forum on Google Groups

If you would like to share cycling views and experiences with like-minded cyclists in and around Oxford, join the Cyclox Forum. You don’t have to be a member of Cycloxto use it. One recent example was a discussion about the merits of raised  crossings at junctions and consideration of 15mph in narrow residential roads in East Oxford. The Forum is also good for advice with routes etc. Give it a try onhttps://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cyclox-forum

Cyclox Social

We think there may be a need for a get-together so that new members (or those who haven’t met us yet) can meet some of the committee and other members. We will plan a city centre venue in the coming weeks – comments and suggestions welcome.

Big Green Bike Ride May 17th and 18th

Friends of the Earth are organising a sponsored ride from London to the New Forest. To secure your place visit their website or email biggreenbikeride@foe.co.uk for more details.

Putting bike frame numbers on adverts on ebay

There has been a campaign by Richard Biggs at change.org to insist that frame numbers are included in any advert for bikes on ebay – the response has been ‘too difficult’ but if you don’t agree, feel free to comment to the ebay CEO Mr John Donahoe. A related petition has been to allow buyers of second hand bikes to check the frame number against a database of stolen bike details. Sadly such a national database doesn’t exist. If you want to support this: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/make-frame-numbers-of-stolen-bikes-searchable

Your views wanted

Ben Irvine is a London cycle blogger www.cyclelifestyle.co.uk who asks us if we would give a non-London view on electric bicycles and cycling in general.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RVRPXGR – it is only a brief survey.

ASA ruling reversed

The ASA ruled that an advert for safer cycling n Scotland should be banned because it shows someone cycling without a helmet and outside the gutter, so that a car almost had to change lanes to pass the cyclist. You can read about this absurdity in lots of the press today. The good news is that the decision was later reversed but it is revealing of the inherent mindset of many people in responsible positions. Here is one link:


Eye level traffic light repeaters

The Dept for Transport will allow local authorities to install low level ‘cyclist’ traffic lights – will Oxford get them? http://www.ctc.org.uk/news/ctc-welcomes-official-go-ahead-for-lights-to-help-cyclists-junctions

Danish ingenuity

Finally, for when the head winds get too much, this ingenious design could be just what you are dreaming of – though I suspect cycling through our current flooded roads wouldn’t be good for it: https://www.superpedestrian.com/



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