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Cyclox Circular March 2014

Membership Renewals

Thank you to all the non-Standing Order members who have responded. Please get in touch if you are not sure how to renew –membership@cyclox.org. Members with Standing Orders don’t need to do anything unless they have changed bank account. An eagle-eyed member (thanks Tim!) spotted that the email to Standing Order members included the typo ‘£0 unwaged’. The correct figure remains £5. We have introduced a household membership £15 (SO) / £18 (other payment). If you want to change to this please list the other adult members of the family and they will each have a membership card. You will need to change your Standing Order yourself however.

Forthcoming meetings

Tuesday March 18th at 7.30pm “Putting a value on cycling and walking in Oxford”

St Michael at the North Gate Church (not hall). Joint meeting with OxPA.

Dr Paul Kelly and Dr Charlie Foster will be talking about their work developing a tool for modelling the health and economic benefits of walking and cycling interventions: HEAT (Health Economic Assessment Tool) for Walking and Cycling.

Tuesday 15 April 7.30pm Bears, bugs and thunderstorms: cycling across Canada

St Michael’s at the Northgate, Cornmarket, Oxford OX1 3EY

All welcome, free entry, refreshments

Hear about the amazing 4,500 mile trans-continental bike ride adventure of Dino Rock from Oxford.

‘Happiness is Bicycle Shaped’

Tuesday April 22nd 7pm Town Hall David Nimmo-Smith” A future for Transport in Oxford”

Joint meeting with OxPA

A dialogue with the county council cabinet member for the environment (ie roads among other things) about we the future of transport in Oxford

Report on Brookes campaign meeting

Cyclox and Brookes held a workshop to develop promotional items to get more people cycling in Oxford. There was a real buzz and lots of good ideas. It was attended by the press: http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/11042638.Campaigners_aim_to_get_more_people_cycling/

Bicycle training for children

We have been researching the training provided to children across the county. Although it may be high quality, it is not officially to Bikeability standards which may be a concern. We would be keen to hear from parents about their children’s experience of cycle training. Comments to Cyclox.circular@gmail.com

The Plain consultation

Oxford Civic Society has added its thoughtful commentary on the Plain to those from Cyclox and CTC:


Westgate consultation

Cecilia Fry attended the Planning committee meeting to press for better cycle provision in the scheme. Comments welcome on the city website until 28th March. See her presentation on our website.

Northern Gateway

The City Council are developing a Northern Gateway Area Action Plan (AAP) to guide future development at this site in North Oxford.  This strategic site is allocated in the Oxford Core Strategy for an employment-led development; there is also an opportunity for residential development (around 500 homes) and potentially other complimentary uses including hotel, retail, emergency services centre.   A Sustainability Appraisal and a questionnaire for feedback) can be found on the City Council’s website: www.oxford.gov.uk/northerngateway.

Forthcoming local elections

Oly Shipp will be repeating Cyclox questions to candidates to elicit their views on cycling and cycling provision. Please remember to raise cycling as an issue when you are being canvassed by candidates.

And finally a selection of interesting cycle-related information

Imaginative demonstration of the benefits of cycling along the Botley Road


More evidence of the benefits of cycling


Inspiring road closure in a middle sized Indian city – if they can do it surely Oxford can?


First class endorsement of the value of cycling to Oxford – from Oxford Civic Society


How the Dutch created their cycle culture – yes it is true – start a long time ago and keep going

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuBdf9jYj7o#t=45 and


And this is how it happened in the 80s in London!



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