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Cyclox Circular June 14

Bike Week Rides


Cyclox is offering several rides so this is your chance to enjoy some social riding with a variety of themes – see attached. In particular Sue and Ruth ask members if there is someone able to help with sweeping for their Tuesday evening ride. As the word suggests it involves making sure no one gets lost off the back of the ride so generally quite a relaxing job. If anyone can help on Tuesday evening do email Ruthharefields@hotmail.com

Churchill Hospital bike parking

At the lively Cyclox stall at Headington Festival, stalls co-ordinator Kathryn McNicoll heard people complaining about the dire state of cycle parking at the Churchill hospital. She emailed the OUH Travel manager Karl Chadwick who said: “I wish that more people would use cycles or alternative modes other than a car to travel to the sites. The Churchill is under resourced with cycle facilities and plans were drawn up with a senior person from the PFI consortium on the CH site to add new units; unfortunately he died suddenly and I have been trying to resurrect the scheme since. It has been a long time I have to add. The replacement rent-bike scheme will be in situ in a week or so as it is being launched tomorrow at Thornhill P&R facility and all three of the Oxford sites will again have this facility. Furthermore, I am presently in discussions with the County Council relating to adding secure cycle facilities on both the JR and CH sites.” Do please feedback your experiences of parking at the hospitals to Cyclox or Karl directly – Karl.Chadwick@ouh.nhs.uk  .

Journey to work comparisons

Richard Mann shared these figures from 2001 census data which shows a big difference in car use for journey to use:

Summertown-Carfax is 13% drive, 33% bus, 38% cycle, 10% foot.

RoseHill/Iffley-LyeValley is 58% drive, 6% bus, 20% cycle, 4% foot.

Given that both have good cycle facilities but widely different car use, his conclusion was that getting more people cycling wasn’t just about improving cycle lane provision.

Oxford Cycle Vision – not visible until September

In response to Cyclox request, Stewart Wilson from Oxfordshirre County Council reports: “Although this has not been confirmed, I think it’s very likely that we’ll publish the strategy document when we carry out the wider Oxford Transport Strategy consultation in September. A brief for the OTS work was recently issued and we’re hopeful that this commission will start at the beginning of June. The Cycle Vision document will therefore feed into the wider OTS work. In addition, and again, no firm decision has been made yet, I’m hopeful that we will also appoint a consultant to carry out Stage 2 of the cycle strategy (the infrastructure plan) by mid to late June. Whoever is appointed can then work closely with the OTS appointed team. I think it makes much more sense to do it like this as we need to make sure everything is aligned and joined up. So, I’m afraid it means stakeholders will need to be a bit patient, but please let them know that things have not stopped and we are very keen to press on and will certainly involve them in Stage 2 when appropriate.”

Westgate by Bike

Cecilia Fry has written suggestions to improve cycle access from all points of the city and surrounding villages and Richard Fairhurst has compiled it into a report. It is 2Mb so too big to attach but email us if you would like a copy.  Richard’s websitehttp://cycle.travel/map is a remarkably useful UK cycle holiday planner.


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