Note 7:00pm start, St Michael’s at the NorthgateCornmarket Street, Oxford, OX1 3EY .

Cyclox is delighted to welcome Lucy Saunders from Healthy Streets as our keynote speaker at the 2018 Annual General Meeting (see below for AGM).

Lucy is a Consultant in Public Health specialising in transport, public realm and planning. She developed the Healthy Streets Approach™ and the 10 Healthy Streets Indicators™ in 2011.  In 2015 she was awarded Transport Planner of the Year by the Transport Planning Society and her work won awards from the international UITP and UK Chartered Institute for Highways and Transportation.

The Healthy Streets Approach™ was developed by Lucy Saunders through her research into the health impacts of transport, public realm and urban planning. It turns out that the key elements necessary for public spaces to improve people’s health are the same as those needed to make urban places socially and economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable.

Lucy has distilled these down to the 10 Healthy Street Indicators™. Focussed on the human experience, these indicators show what really matters on all streets, everywhere, for everyone.

Healthy Street Indicators:
1. Everyone feels welcome
2. People to choose to walk and cycle
3. People feel relaxed
4. Easy to cross
5. Clean air
6. Not too noisy
7. Places to stop and rest
8. People feel safe
9. Things to see and do
10. Shade and shelter

Please see the Healthy Streets website for more information about Lucy and about the Healthy Streets initiative.


Formal Notice of AGM

This is to give formal notice of the Cyclox 2018 AGM on 20th November at 8pm in St Michael’s at the Northgate Community Room. Our constitution requires members to be given one month’s notice of the meeting. The AGM will receive reports from the officers and appoint a new committee. Our chair, Simon Hunt, is standing down as is our treasurer, Dan Levy, so replacements are sought in particular for these roles. Our constitution allows for up  to 15 committee members.

The AGM will be preceded by a talk by Dr Lucy Saunders (see above).

Nominations for committee members

Nominations for committee members must be sent with a brief (50 words or so) biography to contact@cyclox.org by 6th November 2018. The nominated individual must be a member of Cyclox as must the proposer and seconder (note that members can self-nominate). You may be nominated simply as a committee member or to a specific officer role – chair, vice-chair / hon sec, treasurer, membership secretary. If the officer roles are not specifically nominated before the AGM the new committee will appoint the officers from amongst themselves. If there is more than one nomination for an officer role the members at the AGM will vote. If you would like to talk about being a committee member, get in touch in any way that suits you, including replying to this email.

Submitting a resolution to the AGM

If you wish to submit a resolution, please send it to contact@cyclox.org by 6th November 2018. The resolution will be added to the agenda for the meeting.

Timetable for background papers

Background papers will be sent out at least one week before the AGM ie by 14th November and will include:

  • Agenda including any resolutions from members and list of prospective committee members
  • Minutes of last AGM
  • Chair’s report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Membership Secretary’s report