Motherload film screening


A crowd-sourced documentary exploring our cultural shift toward isolation and disconnection, how this may affect our future, and whether the cargo bike could be an antidote.

As a new mum of twins, filmmaker Liz Canning is lonely, stressed about the planet’s uncertain future, and missing what made her feel connected, free and alive: her bicycle.

MOTHERLOAD not only describes how the earliest bicycles facilitated women’s fight for the vote and made the poor mobile, but also shows how 21st century bicycles are empowering mothers, families, communities and advocacy networks all over the world. A central point of the film is that we cannot fight for social justice, climate justice or much of anything unless we first resist the cultural shift toward isolation and disconnection. Bicycles connect people with their own bodies, environments and communities, clarifying and aiding in the protection of what is most important.

Tuesday 18th February

Free to members.

Donations towards the cost of hiring the film welcome.

Suggested: £3

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Getting there

Common Ground
37-38 Little Clarendon St, Oxford OX1 2HF